Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag? (as of July 31, 2013)

I decided to switch up my make up bag again. The products I chose last time just weren't doing it for me, especially the Olay BB Cream (which I'll do a complete review on toward the end of next month. I'm still going to be using it on and off until then, but I'm not happy at the moment). So I decided to switch it up! I'm going to try to make myself use this stuff for at least a month. We'll see.

I decided to use the same eyeliners and eye primers as previously posted (link above).

For my face products, I decided to really try out my some of my BB Creams (including the Olay one, which is not pictured). The L'oreal is tried and true. I just picked up the Ponds BB Cream today at Walmart (couldn't find it at Ulta, and Walmart is in the same shopping center) after hearing numerous great reviews. I'm almost out of the Too Faced Beauty Balm so I wanted to go ahead and finish that. And the Revlon BB is also a newer purchase (within the last three months), so I still want to try it as well.

 photo FacePrimersLorealMagicBBPondsLuminiousBBTooFacedBeautyBalmRevlonBB_zps61b74086.jpg

For my powder I chose two different options - The L'oreal True Match Gentle Mineral Makeup, and the Lorac POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder.

 photo LorealTrueMatchGentleMineralMakeup_zpsecdc4077.jpg

I purchased the L'oreal True Match after running out of my Bare Minerals foundation and not wanting to spend as much on a powder foundation. I also did a lot of research and discovered that a lot of Bare Minerals girls like this as an alternative. So I picked it up, and I do really like it. I still want to repurchase my Bare Minerals, though!

 photo LoracPorefectionBakedPerfectingPowder_zps197d221b.jpg

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this powder. I want to love it, so much, but it is so unbelievably messy! I have tried so many different brushes and sponges, and it doesn't really matter. But I do enjoy the coverage it gives me, and it doesn't make me too shiny.  I definitely just want to play with it more, which is why it is in the bag.

Next I chose my eye makeup.
While I was at Ulta, unable to find the Ponds BB Cream, I remembered I wanted to pick up a couple more of the color tattoos because they were on sale for BOGO 50% off. I already had Bad to the Bronze, and today I picked up Barely Branded and Inked in Pink.

 photo MaybellineColorTattooBadtotheBronzeBarelyBrandedInkedinPink_zps35e3c7c8.jpg

I had to run outside and take some swatches, and then come back inside and take some more. I think these will be great alone, or used as a base. I actually have a Too Faced palette that a couple of the shades have some fallout, and I'm wondering if these might be sticky enough to help with that problem.

 photo MaybellineColorTattooBadtotheBronzeBarelyBrandedInkedinPinkswatcheddaylight_zpseb1d3447.jpg
(outside in natural light)

 photo MaybellineColorTattooBadtotheBronzeBarelyBrandedInkedinPinkMaybellineColorTattooBadtotheBronzeBarelyBrandedInkedinPinkswatch_zps142b33f2.jpg

The colors are from left to right: Inked in Pink, Barely Branded, and Bad to the Bronze. I think Barely Branded will be a great base- it is really close to my skin tone!

For eyeshadow I chose three different palettes - two from Physician's Formula, and one from Too Faced.

 photo PhysicianFormulaEyeShimmerStrips_zps885bcc4c.jpg

I have had these two for longer than I care to admit, and both of them have seen their fair share of use- I actually dropped the one on the right from about four feet up! I believe the one on the left is for Blue Eyes, and the one on the right is for Hazel Eyes. My eyes are actually green, but they change color. And also, I just really, really liked the colors in these. And the pigmentation on these is great! 

 photo TooFacedGlamourToGo_zps7bc7ea61.jpg

 photo TooFacedGlamourToGoInside_zps0fae089e.jpg

I bought this palette at Ulta when it was only $20.00. I believe I also had 20% off. I really liked the blush and bronzer colors, which are perfect for my skin tone. I haven't played around a lot with the eyeshadows, so that's why I want to give it ago. And as you can see, I have tried the lipgloss, but it is slightly sticky, so I'm not sure how much I'll be using it in the future.

Lastly, mascaras.

 photo CoverGirlLastBlastLengthMallyVolumizingMascaraTooFacedLashGasmBenefitTheyreReal_zpscaf042b0.jpg

I kept the Cover Girl Last Blast Length from last time, and have put a reminder in my phone that on my next trip to Ulta, I need to pick up a new tube!
I wanted to keep using the Mally Volumizing Mascara I received in my Summer 2013 QVC New Beauty Test Tube. It should be slightly drier than the last time I used it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I like it a lot more!
Too Faced lashGasm is one of my absolute favorite mascaras! This is a tester I received as a gift-with-purchase I believe, but I have an unopened full size in my makeup container. It really gives my lashes great length, and separates. And I don't notice a lot of clumping or flaking.
I'm still forming my opinions on the Benefit They're Real! Mascara, so I wanted to force myself to use it to really give it a shot. This little tube was included in this year's birthday gift from Sephora.

I'm really excited to use all these products this month, and definitely expect to see some reviews on those BB Creams in the coming months!

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  1. Those are my 3 favorite color tattoos--I use them all the time! I go between those and my Mally Evercolor Shadow Sticks.