Monday, July 1, 2013 Kindle Monthly Book Deals, $3.99 or less for July 2013

Some of you may or may not have a Kindle. I apologize if you don't, but these posts are for anyone with either access to a Kindle or a way to get the app downloaded.

Every month, Amazon sells books for $3.99 or less that typically cost more. I have been able to purchases some really great books from these sales, and always check on the first of the month. I also check their daily deals as often as I can remember.

Some months are not as good as others, so this may not become a monthly series. However, this month, there are 4 books that I am going to be purchasing, and that I highly recommend checking out!

Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life by Steve Martin ($2.99 - 80% off print list price)
Okay, this is one of two books that I have not actually read for this month's recommendations. So why am I recommending it? Because it gets great reviews, I am a Steve Martin fan, and almost everyone I know that is both a reader and a fan of his have recommended this book to me countless times, and at 80% off the list price? Sold!

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews ($1.99 - 75% off print list price)
This is the first book in a series. This is one of the best trashy novels with a plot you will ever read. It is not the most well written piece of literature you will ever read, but it does have a pretty shocking, sickening twist, but you still feel sorry for the main characters in a way. Most of you probably already know what it is, but I still won't spoil. it. Suffice to say, when you lock kids with hormones in an attic, you dig your own grave.

The Secret Language of Girls by Frances O'Roark Dowell ($1.99 - 72% off print list price)
This the two of two books on the list that I have not actually read. But it's on my Want to Read list on Good Reads, and I have heard good things. It is about two best friends that have been friends since they were in nursery school, but things change in sixth grade when another girls move into town. It just feels like those kinds of stories that completely change your view, and will probably be a good book to own for later in life when I have a kid of my own, or when my nieces or nephews come to visit.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame ($0.99 - 72% off print list price)
This is an amazing children's book. I read this countless times as a child, and it is a classic. I remember fondly my adventures alongside Mole, Rat, Badger and, of course, Mr. Toad. This is another "investment" into my children's digital library, a book I will love to read along side them as they learn to read and love the stories as much as I have.

There are 96 other books available, and all of these will be available until the end of July. Be sure to get them while the price is low!

FTC: All opinions are my own. This post does not contain any affiliate links, the links are for your reference only. This post is not sponsored by or any subsidiary of Amazon, I just love my Kindle and wanted to share my love of a great deal!

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