Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clearail Acne and Marks Wash and Mask Review (and my struggle with acne)

Now let's talk about acne.

I have had acne issues for what is the better part of my life at this point. I remember starting to break out when I was in 6th or 7th grade, when I was about 12 years old. I am now 28, and am still struggling.

I break out pretty much whenever my skin feels like it- hormonally, if I'm not careful with skincare products, and pretty much every time I turn my head wrong. No joke. I almost always have some type of active break out.

Or, I did.
I got engaged February 2011. I had always struggled with acne, and wanted to have better skin for my wedding. Admittedly, I was not the best at always washing my face two times a day, and did not always remember to take off my makeup before bed.
I also took stock of the products I was using, and realized I needed a change.

So, I picked up the Clearasil Acne and Marks Wash and Mask to try out. I liked the idea of this product, because I love a good mask, and figured why not? I had over a year to try stuff out (We planned on getting married in May 2012)!

 photo clearasilacneandmarkswashandmask_zps107ae54f.jpg
(This is an almost empty bottle!)

The first time I put this on my face, I knew I had found a special product. First of all, it smells great- it doesn't smell medicinal at all, it's almost slightly fruity in a way. But it is not overwhelming. It is a good consistency, and is a light-blue/grayish color. The first few times I used it, I only used it as a wash. And while I didn't notice an immediate difference, I noticed subtle things. My skin started to clear up a bit. And then the big changes- the scars I have started to fade.
This in itself was a huge deal to me! I have quite a bit of marks from previous breakouts. I am very, very fair (I usually wear the lightest or second lightest foundation available), so those red marks definitely stick around. And in high school, I had a slight picking issue when it came to my face, which also created scaring.

Then I used it as a mask. And it was like the heavens opened up and light shined down and I heard beautiful music and angels singing. NO JOKE. It has been that good for my skin. It doesn't dry it out at all, and it has actually made some of my active breakouts shrink in size overnight!
The mask itself does not completely dry, but I usually leave it on between 7 - 10 minutes- I'll pluck my eyebrows, or brush my teeth, or just watch a YouTube video or two while I'm waiting. Then I usually rinse with warm water, and it comes off super easily.

I don't have any irritation with this product- I actually go back to it when I do have issues with something else I might be trying. I also will only use this product if I am having some break out issues. It just really clears everything up for me!

Obviously I still have some scaring, but it has faded so much in my eyes. And I still get active breakouts, but nowhere near as severe, and they do not last as long.

If you look around the internet, this product tends to have some mixed reviews. However, for my skin type and for my issues, it seems to be working wonders!
I got really worried recently they were going to be discontinuing this product because they stopped selling it where I usually bought it (Target), however, I have been able to find it at CVS, and they do sell it at Amazon
I also asked Clearasil through Facebook and they assured me they have no plans to discontinue. That's awesome.

I highly recommend this product!

FTC: I purchased this product with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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