Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette Review

The Lorac Pro Palette was something I had seen on hundreds of blogs, but could never seem to find it in stock in any stores. Everytime I went to Ulta with a little extra cash to spend, I would look for it, but it would not be there. So imagine my surprise when I went to my Ulta with a 20% off coupon in hand, and they had not only one, but they were fully stocked!

The women that work at my local Ulta are super helpful, and let me spend the time really comparing the palette with others, and asking all kinds of questions about this palette vs this other palette. Yeah, I'm that girl walking around with swatches all over her arm! I want to make sure I'm getting something I will use. And after some tests, I knew it was well worth the money!

Below are pictures taken by me- obviously this is a well-loved palette, and has been used. My pictures are by no means perfect, and quality is something I will be working on!

 photo 071013068_zpsd87babb5.jpg

 photo 071013070_zps385be5a8.jpg
(I definitely need to get a photo box, right? But for now, enjoy my shower curtain in the reflection.)

This palette contains 8 matte shades (on the top), and 8 shimmer shades (on the bottom). They are extremely pigmented- I barely have to touch a brush in a shade and I get full color payoff.

 photo 071013071_zpsab1b1e31.jpg
(I really did try to clean it up, but the palette does not lend itself well to a clean up! But you can see, it is well loved!)

Starting from the left, we have White, Cream, and Taupe on the top row, and Nude, Champagne, and Gold on the bottom row. I usually mix white and cream for a highlight, and put the Nude or Champagne on the lid. I will say Champagne does have some fallout, but it isn't horrible and is only during application, from what I can tell. I have only used the gold a couple of times, but it is extremely deep and pigmented. Which is probably why I have only used it a few times.

 photo 071013072_zpsfcdf44e5.jpg

Next, we have Light Pink, Mauve, and Sable on the top row, and Light Bronze, Pewter, and Garnet on the bottom. I really wish I could take some better photos (From Head to Toe has some amazing photos!), because this is not doing that Garnet shade justice at all. The Light Bronze has quickly become my favorite shade in the palette for using on the lid, and I tend to mix that with the Sable in the outside lid or crease. I just think it's such a beautiful combo! I also like using the Mauve shade mixed with a little bit of the Sable shade on the lower lash line.

 photo 071013073_zps51cc4eaf.jpg

And last, we have Espresso and Black on the top, and Deep Purple and Slate on the bottom. I feel like Slate is the shade that is very close or a near dupe to the Gunmetal shade in the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have used the Black shade a lot for tight lining my upper lash line- it's just a great matte black! I also have used the Deep Purple for a smokey eye a time or two. And clearly, me and the Espresso shade are familiar- I use this on my lower lash line, and sometimes in my crease mixed with Mauve (I almost always mix Mauve with something else when using this palette).

Overall I have been very, very happy with my purchase. This is the only palette I took with me on a recent trip to San Diego to visit brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and I also took it with me on my husband and my anniversary trip to Gilroy. (Yes, ladies, my husband took me SHOPPING for our anniversary. Best. Husband. Ever!) I definitely think this is worth the price I paid, and I feel like it will last me a long time, even with regular use.

This palette also came with an eye primer that I feel is pretty good! I am partial to my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I feel like this is definitely a close second. However, if I had to choose which to repurchase, I would probably choose my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

You can purchase the Lorac Pro Palette at (as well as other retailers) for $48.00.

FTC: I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love you- you keep waking up my dormant cosmetics lover!