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How to make your own Nail Polish rings

Awhile back, I was browsing Pinterest for nail polish ideas, and started seeing Nail Polish rings and jewelry. I immediately thought to myself "Now that is something that I can probably do!" And I have a ton of nail polish! So I started researching online more about how to make Nail Polish jewelry, and came across this blog post on Sweeter Lemon's blog, explaining step-by-step how to make your own nail polish jewelry. Then I started researching where to buy the supplies, and I turned to Etsy.

I knew I would need both the settings and the cabochons, so I started looking for a seller of both, and found the shop RingEarringPendant. I purchased this set, which came with 5 ring bases and 5 cabochons.

Once I got the jewelry, I set out to make my first ring, and it didn't go well. I didn't let the polish dry enough between coats, and all in all, it was just a disaster, so I tried again, and I think it came out pretty well!

 photo 2DE74101-7DE2-4253-80E3-68BAB5847329-14766-00000D35F1E09D9C_zps8f0f4dba.jpg
(I used China Glaze Rare and Radiant for this ring.)

Now I am sharing how to make these rings with you! For me, I start mine in the evening when I'm just hanging out watching TV, let it dry over night, and then put it together in the morning, This ensures I don't mess up the polish in any way.

To start, I get my supplies together.

 photo 071713001_zpsf81a04a9.jpg

For this ring, I decided to use one of my newest OPI polishes.

 photo 071713004_zps9eb9f536.jpg
 (You can find swatches of this polish on The PolishAholic's blog.)

I start off doing one coat that covers the flat side of the cabochon completely. This is the top of the ring. If you were to do something with more than one color (like a glitter of some kind), you would start with what you want to see, and then go from there (basically, opposite of how you would paint your nails). I am just doing one polish, so I don't really have to worry about that.

 photo 071713005_zpse7e5ae9c.jpg

 photo 071713006_zpsc8c2a9a1.jpg

As you can see, the first coat of this polish is extremely sheer, so I'm going to need quite a few coats to get it to look like I want it to! And, again, I'm going to let the polish dry completely before moving on to the next coat.

I think you get the gist of this process, so here are my photos of all the coats. And I tried to keep the coats as thin as possible.

 photo 071713007_zpsa799b5be.jpg

 photo 071713008_zpsb88e5e45.jpg

 photo 071713009_zps6346c18b.jpg

At this point, it was starting to look pretty good, so I turned it over to see what it would look like looking through it.

 photo 071713010_zps533f7596.jpg

This isn't quite what I was looking for, so I went for another coat.

 photo 071713011_zps0935acc4.jpg

And one last one for good measure.

 photo 071713013_zpsa42e2c7e.jpg

Then I flip it over again.

 photo 071713014_zps4b5253c9.jpg

That's better! You can see around the edges are a little lighter, but that will be hidden when you put it in the actual base.

I put a topcoat over the whole thing, and then let this dry overnight.

The next morning, I went outside to check my ring.

 photo 071713016_zps349ae2db.jpg

 I then put it into the base to make sure everything looks the way I want it to before committing to gluing it down.

 photo 071713018_zpsde43ce97.jpg

Looks great to me! You can't see any streaking, and everything looks good!

Now I'm going to glue it down. I personally like the E-6000 crafting glue. It is recommended to use this outside, and I would suggest doing your own research before choosing this glue.  The fumes are insane, and you definitely either want to use it outside or in an extremely well ventilated room. And on a surface you don't mind messing up. That's why I do it outside, and on a paper plate.

 photo 071713020_zpsdad3ed93.jpg

You barely need any glue, at all. I actually kind of regret buying this huge tube. But I digress. You can either get a tiny bit straight from the tube, or use a toothpick to get what you need.

 photo 071713021_zps91daf5b9.jpg

As you can see, I barely use any. At all. Then super, super carefully, I pick up the cabochon, and put it glue side up into the ring base.

 photo 071713022_zps3649bcdc.jpg

I then turn it over, wait about 5- 10 minutes for it to dry, and then try it on!

 photo 071713023_zps91354e73.jpg

 photo 071713024_zps3640b10e.jpg

I really, really like the way this one turned out! And I really love making these, and definitely want to get some different bases and different sizes. I think it's a fun way to make a unique piece of jewelry (most likely, no one else is going to have exactly the same one as you), and also a fun way to keep a favorite nail polish forever!

I really hope this helped some of you! I'm going to be trying out some other fun crafty-type things and will definitely post about my experiences! I am not by any means crafty, so it might end up being a bunch of huge fails, but it might be fun and I might surprise myself, too!

FTC: I made these nail polish rings on my own, and am not in any way affiliated with the any of the brands mentioned, or the seller mentioned on Etsy.

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