Thursday, August 14, 2014

Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner Review

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I received this in my May 2014 New Beauty Test Tube.

How To Use: Use in place of your shampoo and conditioner. Lightly emulsify one to two pumps between hands. Apply to the scalp area and gently massage through to the ends, spreading throughout hair. Leave in wet hair for up to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

How It Works: Experience Perfection: This cleansing conditioner reinvents the art of shampooing and creates the perfect salon blow-dry at home; and Versatile Formula: In one product, this conditioner cleanses, conditions, reduces blow-drying time, detangles, enhances volume, and eliminates frizz. 

Initial Impressions: Using this product was an interesting experience. It's very similar to mousse, in the way it comes out, and in texture. And it doesn't lather, so that was a little odd for me, because I'm a lather-loving girl. But I massaged it in, spread it through my hair, shaved my legs, and then rinsed it out. My hair felt very easy to brush through after my shower- not as bad as after a normal shampoo/conditioner routine. I decided to let my hair air-dry the first time I used it because I figured this would give the best indication as to how my hair behaves normally with this product. And it dried beautifully! My hair was left looking and feeling soft. And it was so full- I have very fine hair, and this definitely gave me a boost in volume!
The next time I used it, I blow-dried my hair. My hair was super voluminous! However, my hair did tangle up a lot throughout the day, and fell flat by the afternoon.

Final Impressions: I'm almost done with this, and I really enjoyed it. It gave my hair good volume, and it didn't get as greasy as I thought it would. I think this is a great once a week treat for my hair, because it makes my hair soft for a couple of days after- very similar to what a deep conditioner might do. I can't see myself become a full-fledge convert to this stuff, but I can definitely see myself picking up the small sized bottle and keep it handy for when I'm in the mood to have a good hair day- especially air-dried. I really feel like that's where it shined for me- when I didn't touch my hair and just let it do its own thing. 

You can purchase this product here.

FTC: This product was received as part of a subscription service which was purchased with my own money. No affiliate links have been used in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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