Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy Red Carpet 2014

Oh yes, the Emmys were last night!
I have finished wiping my eyes free of the tears created by Billy Crystals touching speech about Robin Williams and am ready to show you my favorite and least favorite looks from last night's awards.

First, my favorites!

 photo AmyPoehlerEmmy2014_zps69cf18c0.jpg
She looks AMAZING in this dress!

 photo JimmyKimmelAndMollyMcNearyEmmy2014_zps06b77344.jpg
Mostly for her dress... not sure why, but I really love it! He looks nice, too.

 photo HaydenPanettiereEmmy2014_zps1b89ac6e.jpg
There's just something about this that I really love. Plus, she looks absolutely beautiful, and is having a girl!
(Has anyone else noticed it seems like EVERYONE is having girls?!)

 photo DebraMessingEmmy2014_zps99bba347.jpg
A dress I shouldn't love, but I really, really do.

 photo KateMulgrewEmmy2014_zps5fde0836.jpg
Love this color for her, and the dress is such a great choice.

 photo UzoAdubaEmmy2014_zps51ac9aa1.jpg
LOVE! She won already, and this dress is absolutely stunning.

 photo TaylorSchillingEmmy2014_zps93431066.jpg
I'm surprised I like this as much as I do, but it's just stunning.

 photo LucyLiuEmmy2014_zpsbc463dd0.jpg
I couldn't stop looking at the details of this dress when she was onstage. I also like that her makeup and hair is so natural. She's flawless.

 photo MelissaRauchEmmy2014_zpsd8d058de.jpg
She's usually a favorite. I love the detail of the belt, and that color is so pretty.

 photo MayimBialikEmmy2014_zps2f12af0d.jpg
I really like the top of this. I wish the skirt was more fitted, but I like the jewelry and her hair so much, so I feel like this is still a win.

And my least favorites. There are only two.

 photo LenaDunhamEmmy2014_zpsf8ec1d33.jpg
I don't understand. She's a gorgeous girl, and it seems like she goes out of her way to just look awful at most Award shows.
I'm also not a fan of her hair that color or style. But that's a whole different thing.

 photo MichelleDockeryEmmy2014_zps310402cd.jpg
I'm just not a fan of this. It's is Seahawks colors, but that doesn't take away fro the fact that I really don't like it.

What were your favorites?

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