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Book Review: Girls In Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood (Sisterhood #3) by Ann Brashares

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Description from Goodreads
The Pants first came to us at the perfect moment. That is, when we were splitting up for the first time. It was two summers ago when they first worked their magic, and last summer when they shook up our lives once again. You see, we don’t wear the Pants year-round. We let them rest so they are extra powerful when summer comes. (There was the time this spring when Carmen wore them to her mom’s wedding, but that was a special case.) 
Now we’re facing our last summer together. In September we go to college. And it’s not like one of those TV shows where all of us magically turn up at the same college. We’re going to four different colleges in four different cities (but all within four hours of one another—that was our one rule). We’re headed off to start our real lives. 
Tomorrow night at Gilda’s we’ll launch the Pants on their third summer voyage. Tomorrow begins the time of our lives. It’s when we’ll need our Pants the most.

My Review
These books really do keep getting better!
Book three follows the girls on that summer before college- that summer where you really see your friends drifting apart even though you're longing to hold on, when you're preparing to become who you will be, and when you're basically figuring out who you are as a person separate from school, friends, and family.
Tibby spends the summer finally coming around to her true feelings for Brian... thank God! 
Carmen takes care of Lena's grandmother, who is recovering from the loss of both husband and country.
Lena is trying to go to art school even though her parents don't approve.
And Bridget is at soccer camp where she coaches with Eric, the boy she lost her virginity to, and who basically broke her in the first novel. 

For once, I wasn't super annoyed by Carmen throughout this whole book. She was pretty much the only one that figured out Lena's grandmother and why she was so unhappy. 
But now Tibby is starting to annoy me slightly. They really are like real friends at this point. 
I really, really enjoyed reading the descriptions of Lena's portraits. I could practically see them right before my eyes.
I think Bridget's story was probably my least favorite- she did have growth, but I just wasn't as into reading her pining but not pining over Eric. 

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. Overall, I did really enjoy this book, and want to continue and finish the series.

You can purchase a copy of this book for Kindle here, or a physical copy here. Or, pick up a copy from your local library, like I did!

FTC: I borrowed this book from my local library. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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