Saturday, August 23, 2014

Changing it Up- Book Review

I'm bored with book reviews.

And I told my husband this about 45 minutes ago. I was getting ready to write my review for Sisterhood Everlasting, and it was not going to be good. By that, I mean that I didn't know what to write. And I realized that I am bored. So I told him, "I'm bored with book reviews."
And he brought up that I love books, and I do. And that I want to keep this blog being about both beauty AND books. So he said I should come up with something else. He mentioned that I like to talk to people about books, so I should make the reviews more like conversations.

So, the BATR (batter) book club is born!
Basically, I'm going to make a post when I start a book- "Judging A Book By It's Cover", where I talk about what I think the book is going to be about, why I started reading it, etc.
And when I finish the book, I'll do a BATR book club post, which will be a lot more conversational. And if you see I'm reading a book and haven't done my book club post yet, leave a comment, and I'll answer it back in the book club post.

With my husband's help, I feel a lot better about book reviews now. And I hope you all will like them, too!

My first BATR Book Club post will be up on September 16th, and will be on Tuesdays, like the book review posts were before, at some point after I finish the book. All "Judging a Book" posts will be up before I start reading, which will vary in day, so be sure to follow me on FB, Twitter, or Bloglovin to make sure you see those posts! (All links are on the right side.)

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