Thursday, September 12, 2013

Geek Chic It's Dangerous To Go Alone Collection Swatches

I received this in the mail on Saturday (which is when I'm writing this post), and I couldn't wait to open and swatch it! This isn't really a "review" post, as I haven't used any of these shades on my eyes yet, but I definitely got a feel for them when I swatched them!

If you're not familiar with Geek Chic Cosmetics, I gave kind of an overview of who there are in this post.

The description from Geek Chic for the collection is as follows: You ever want to set fire to a random bush on the side of road to see if it leads to a dungeon or some old man selling stuff at incredibly inflated prices? Us too.

I grew up with the Legend of Zelda being played in my home. I loved to play Ocarina of Time (especially the fishing part), and my little brother is a huge fan! So I couldn't resist when I saw this set was on sale last month.

The Dangerous To Go Alone Set includes 5 eyeshadows based on the Legend of Zelda. As with my other post, all descriptions of the product are taken directly from the Geek Chic Cosmetics product page to ensure accuracy. And as with the other post, the Left swatch is dry, and the Right swatch is wet.

 photo geekchicdangeroustogoalone_zps1be7ada3.jpg

I love the packaging!!!

Chosen One

 photo geekchicchosenone_zpsb575d513.jpg

Description: Chosen One is a deep emerald green with tons of gold and green sparkle. It is so intense and beautiful we're sure you won't mind dropping a few of your hard earned rupees to take it home with you! This product is NOT lip safe.

 photo geekchicchosenonecapandcontainer_zps35e942ee.jpg

 photo geekchicchosenoneswatch_zpsa2f139b0.jpg

I really wish the sparkle was more visible, because this shade may overshadow The Righteous Man as my favorite, most flattering green. I wonder if they'd actually wear well together? I'll have to give it a try!

Desert Chic

 photo geekchicdesertchic_zps4ff5c131.jpg

Description: Desert Chic is a deep rusty red with fiery red sparkle. This product is NOT lip safe.

 photo geekchicdesertchiccapandcontainer_zpsf150f4b4.jpg

 photo geekchicdesertchicswatch_zps8b84551a.jpg

I was a little afraid of this color when I saw it on the website, but in seeing it in person, it's not as scary as I thought it would be. I don't know that I'll be using this all over my lids or under my eyes at all, but I can see using it a little on the outer corners, or maybe mixed with something else.

Excuuse Me, Princess!

 photo geekchicexcuuusemeprincess_zpsa54e377b.jpg

Description: Excuse Me, Princess is a soft purple with violet interference, and gold shimmer. It's an awesome color for the gamer chick on the girly side.

 photo geekchicexcuuusemeprincesscapandcontainerunopened_zps82109a6f.jpg

This came with a little bit of a mess- it was unopened, but there was some spillage. I'm not too upset about that, though, because it was only spilled inside of the container, not in the package with the other shadows.

 photo geekchicexcuuusemeprincesscapandcontainer_zpsd9e630cb.jpg

 photo geekchicexcuuusemeprincessswatch_zps613c1ea6.jpg

This is really pretty. I wish the gold shimmer was coming through more on the swatch! You can see a better swatch over on Oh That Jenna's blog. I am really thinking about creating a nail polish with this color.

Power, Wisdom, Courage

 photo geekchicpowerwisdomcourage_zpsfa85a8f0.jpg

Description: Power Wisdom Courage is a beautiful gilded yellow-gold with bunches of shimmer and golden sparkle. Makes a bold statement and goes great with green and hazel eyes!

 photo geekchicpowerwisdomcouragecapandcontainer_zpsef767bdf.jpg

 photo geekchicpowerwisdomcourageswatch_zps77aba25d.jpg

The shimmer in this shadow is gorgeous! Again, this was a shade I was a little afraid of, but I think I can work with it!

Twilight Princess

 photo geekchictwilightprincess_zps97fbfea1.jpg

Description: Twilight Princess is a stunning gunmetal/green duo-chrome. Pictures do not do this shadow justice! Great for an earthy smokey eye! Can used wet for a fierce eyeliner! This product is NOT lip safe.

 photo geekchictwilightprincesscapandcontainer_zps8ffb5333.jpg

 photo geekchictwilightprincessswatch_zpse4469483.jpg

Another shade I cannot wait to put on my eyes. And again, the swatch does not do this justice. Mine leans more gunmetal, but I think the green duochrome brings something so special to the shadow.

Of all the shades, I recommend Twilight Princess and Chosen One if you want to purchase them separately.

You can purchase the complete collection from the Geek Chic website for $23.96, or each individual shade is available for $5.99.

I did end up purchasing the Witchcraft and Wizardry collection, and will be posting a review on that next month!

FTC: I purchased this collection with my own money. I am not affiliated with Geek Chic cosmetics. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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