Sunday, September 1, 2013

Extra Post: Book Review: The Anthony Brothers #2 - Lost Love by Harmony Bryce

(I received this book with no obligation to review from the author)

Description from
It ALL started with spilled champagne...

When Markus Anthony accidentally bumps into the stunning Savannah at his brother's wedding, he gets more than just a soaking wet tuxedo. 

In that instance, a love he believed to be forever lost is sparked anew. 
She's more beautiful than ever, and her kiss sends him into a passionate delirium.

But there's trouble ahead...

Will his foolish ways cause him to lose Savannah once and for all?
And who is the strange man Savannah's been talking to in the middle of the night?

My Review
This was a cute, quick read. And by quick, I mean in length- it's only 57 pages! I am not one to typically read the shorter stories on Amazon, but I think this book changed that.

The book is about Markus and Savannah. They were in a relationship in high school, but broke up, and then reconnected at Markus' brother's wedding. Things quickly escalate, they move in together, Markus gets a promotion at work, and then becomes too busy to spend time with Savannah. Basically, the book deals with them coming together and compromising, and developing their relationship.

For a quick read, it was still very good. I only wish the story was longer so things could be more developed! I want to know more about Savannah and Monique's dance and company they want to run! I want to know even more about the brother's past and how they were adopted! Maybe this is covered in the first story? I'm not sure, but I may have to look into purchasing it to find out!

I thought this book was very real- it felt like I was reading the journal of someone that was relaying someone's real life relationship experiences. And I really enjoy a romance book like that.

If you like a real quick, but fun, read, I highly recommend you check this out. It's $0.99 on, so you don't really have much to lose, even if it's not for you. But I think if you enjoy romance novels, this would be right up your alley.

FTC: I received this book from the author with no obligation to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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