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Bare Escentuals Beauty Surprise Collection Unboxing

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from Bare Escentuals telling me they were going to be releasing a Surprise Beauty Box. My understanding is they also did one last year. For $50.00, it said you could get 14 pieces worth $255.00, including an original foundation. I ran out of my Bare Minerals foundation quite awhile ago and have been wanting another, so I figured what the heck, and ordered it!

Overall, I am happy I ordered! I received quite a few things I am excited to use!
I wasn't too happy, though, when I got my shipment confirmation and it told me everything that was in the box! Way to ruin the surprise, BE. But, I was still happy when I read what was contained.

I felt like my order got here pretty quickly, and was actually a couple of days early!

 photo bareescentualsbeautysurprisecollection_zps273322f7.jpg

When I opened the box, it looked like this! I felt like everything was packaged in there very well.

The first thing I pulled out is the Get Started Kit ($60.00 value). The original foundation was also included, and I chose the shade Fairly Light. I've used this shade for a long time so I knew it was the one that I should get!

 photo baremineralscustomizable8piecegetstartedkit_zps7c58b6a2.jpg

 photo baremineralscustomizable8piecegetstartedkit2_zpsc24ed07e.jpg

When I first got into Bare Minerals, I bought a Get Started Kit, but I love that it comes with a Brush Shampoo now! I've never owned a shampoo for brushes specifically (I usually just used baby shampoo), so this will be nice to try out.
The kit came with the brush shampoo, Warmth, Original Foundation in Fairly Light, Original Mineral Veil, a Flawless Face brush, the Full Flawless Face brush, the Max Coverage Concealer brush, and a booklet and CD showing how to use the foundation. I have two concealer brushes and two flawless face brushes from prior purchases, so these I wasn't too excited about. And I'm not a huge fan of warmth, and usually give it to a friend of mine, but I might hang onto this one. We'll see!

 photo baremineralsoriginalmineralveil_zpscbc1ea1a.jpg

 photo baremineralsmineralveilcap_zpsfe883daa.jpg
(I couldn't get a good swatch of Mineral Veil, but it's just a translucent powder.)

 photo baremineralswarmth_zps495debc1.jpg

 photo baremineralswarmthcap_zps49afcf78.jpg

This is all you would need to do your whole face. This is actually probably too much for me.

 photo baremineralswarmthswatch_zps23b1aac8.jpg

It's a little orange-ish on my skin. I'm just not a huge fan of the product, but I still might play with it a bit. It's been quite a few years since I've used it, and I'm a lot better at applying makeup than I was before.

 photo baremineralsfairlylight_zpsecd92620.jpg

Fairly Light is a great match for my skintone, and I've been using it for years! If you've been in my 'What's in my makeup bag?' posts, you would know I've been using the L'oreal Mineral Foundation. And I do really like that and it's comparable, but this is still my absolute favorite powder foundation.

 photo baremineralsfairlylightcap_zpscfb2513b.jpg

This is what I tend to use for my whole face. You really don't need that much. And it does build up if you feel like you need more coverage (which on some days I do, but for the most part I'm just putting on enough to make myself feel a little more covered up).

 photo baremineralsfairlylightswatch_zpsec17c1cc.jpg

I put this on quite heavy to show the swatch, but this is absolutely a match for my skin tone. I just love it!

 photo baremineralsmaxcoverageconcealerbrush_zpsa2c0ec38.jpg

This is a pretty good concealer brush.

 photo baremineralsfullflawlessfacebrush_zpsef214942.jpg

I really like this brush for putting the mineral veil on over my foundation. I feel like it gives the perfect coverage, and it's very soft.

 photo baremineralsflawlessfacebrush_zpsee41be98.jpg

I have three of these now. I sometimes will use it if I want a lighter blush application, but I almost never use it for foundation.

The next thing included in the box is Pure Radiance, which is meant to be put on the high points of the face. I personally really like it for a blush color.
The sample included was considered Extra Small, and the standard size is Medium, which is $19.00. I'm going to guess this sample is probably worth about $10.00, but that is a generous estimate.

 photo baremineralspureradiance_zps62ae4c17.jpg

 photo baremineralspureradianceswatch_zps13967030.jpg

I really, really love this color on myself. I think it's so flattering, and beautiful. I'm so glad this was included in my box- I've actually been wanting to try this for years and just never have purchased it.

The next item is the Flawless Definition Mascara. I've used the Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara, but never the regular version!

 photo baremineralsflawlessdefinitionmascara_zps9f4df2c2.jpg

The box included a 0.16 fl oz sample, and the standard size is 0.33 fl oz, so it was a little less than half of the full size. The standard size is worth $18.00, so I'll say the sample is worth half that- $9.00.

I have used this mascara, and I really enjoy it. It reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, in the way it performs. It really separated my lashes, and it is very black. Not at all like the volumizing, which is more of a subtle black.

The next item included is the Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow in the shade "The Phenomenon".

 photo baremineralsreadyeyeshadowthephenomenom_zps1e43de16.jpg

 photo eyeshadowcontents_zps1bc2df7c.jpg

This isn't available on the bareMinerals website, but is available from Sephora and is valued at $20.00. It's a full size, as well!

 photo baremineralsreadyeyeshadowthephenomenom3_zpsc982b770.jpg

 photo baremineralsreadyeyeshadowthephenomenomswatches_zps7e610a17.jpg

I'm not super impressed with Azure Iris- I wore it on my eyes one day and just wasn't impressed with the pigmentation or color. But I really, really like Golden Iris! I used a touch in my crease for a neutral look and it really warmed the whole area up.

The next thing I opened was in it's own package.

 photo baremineralseyekitsurprise_zps0661c719.jpg

It's the bareMinerals Eye Club in The Basics. It includes an eyeshadow brush, and three shadows.

 photo baremineralseyeclubthebasics_zps705bc791.jpg

The colors included are Pearl Sateen, Smoky Sage, and Graphite.

 photo baremineralseyeclubthebasics2_zpsf1e33379.jpg

I can't even find this on sale, but the other kits available on the website are valued at $24.99. I'm not sure if this is an old product, or something that is going to be released soon, but I couldn't find any information at the time of this post.

 photo baremineralssoftfocuseyeshadowbrush_zps650f81ac.jpg

The brush is excellent for blending, especially for the crease.

 photo baremineralsbasicsswatches_zps6733a890.jpg

I enjoy the colors enough, but they're not exactly unique. I think I'll enjoy the Pearl Sateen for a lid color.

The last two products are what I would consider samples- it's not something I would pay for, so it doesn't have a value to me. It is basically something I would get for placing any order, or as a free sample with purchase.

 photo baremineralsreadyfoundationmediumbeige2_zps930d2f89.jpg

I was initially very excited about this sample- I've never tried their Ready foundation and was looking forward to giving it a try. Until I saw the shade they selected for me.

 photo baremineralsreadyfoundationmediumbeige_zps59667582.jpg

What? Didn't I put my skintone preference in for my kit? I sure did! And this definitely isn't it!

 photo baremineralsreadyfoundationmediumbeigeswatch_zps87bc1216.jpg

I think they really dropped the ball on including this sample in this kit. I can't wear this shade, at all. It would have been more beneficial to send me the shade I ordered, so I could actually work with it and see if I'd like to purchase this foundation, instead of the original foundation. Or even in addition to.

The other sample they included was two foil packets of the Naturally Luminous Duo for Combination Skin.

 photo baremineralsnatuallyluminousduo_zpscd363daa.jpg

 photo baremineralspurifyingfacialcleanserpurelynourishingmoisturizer_zps68b38d59.jpg

I haven't used this yet, but I might, however, it's not really enough to give me an idea of how it will work.

Overall, this surprise box had an actual value of $123.99- nowhere near the value of $255.00. I'm sure they considered each piece it's own separate value when quoting this figure, but I value all the pieces as a whole- if it's part of a kit, it gets a kit price. I think they really should have included a full size of the skin care products to up the value.
I do think I will use everything, but I'm not sure that I will be ordering this box again. Even though it is valued for more than I paid, it's not the price I was quoted, so it is a little disappointing.

FTC: I purchased this box with my own money. 

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