Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 1 - 18!

If you've read my Surprise! post, you know that I am pregnant! And as of this week, I am 19 weeks along (and as of this post, I will be finding out TODAY what we are having). I thought it might be fun to look back at my first weeks of pregnancy to see how much my belly has grown and how I've been feeling. Mostly, this is for me. And my family. But this is for all of you who find this blog and want to see how pregnancy treats real women.

Weeks 1 - 4
Obviously there wasn't much going on in the first couple of weeks, because I didn't know I was pregnant for a majority of them. I will say finding out was not unexpected, because we were trying to get pregnant, but it happened rather quickly after we started trying so it was still a bit of a shock. 

Weeks 5 - 10
This is when I started to get sick. And have the implantation cramping. And just generally not be exciting about being pregnant. Yep, I said it aloud. Being pregnant has not been easy for this girl. I was also exhausted and frequently falling asleep before 8pm.

Mostly the following pics are just bloating, but it is kind of cool to see the absolute progression here.

 photo 47DFA22C-C1E3-49B1-8F73-B5C26FCC7BE8_zpstnywges0.jpg

 photo 3AB77116-1B45-4B4E-A861-AC1AE9E4F977_zpsltxknjtb.jpg

 photo AB0C7371-23F4-4E7B-9827-10D4060F3813_zps7ekpap1k.jpg

 photo 33BD4C13-AB62-4D79-9ACE-DF6B22E2D25E_zps6bjwx5i5.jpg

Weeks 11 - 14
More feeling sick, but towards the end I started to feel better. This is also when I stopped being able to fit comfortably in most of my regular pants without the help of a belly band. And I made the glorious switch to maternity pants, which I might never take off again in my life. 
We also told our families in week 12 (though our parents knew earlier), and it felt good to be able to talk about it with everyone, finally!

 photo ECA4833D-2752-4A40-A7B5-51593340764B_zpsqbypqqzv.jpg
(Oh, hey, new phone!)

 photo 0819BBC0-5A7B-4AFE-BD73-609C6C19F53D_zpshcsq8vej.jpg

 photo 153334F8-8E67-4369-BC25-71EDCCA53052_zpsuwqyjnfu.jpg
(This is the week I decided to take clothed-belly pics only.)

They give you a fake belly if you're not very far along to try on with the pants and tops to see how they may fit later on. It still makes me laugh looking at this picture.

 photo 850DE0EF-CFCB-4BCB-B80D-F844323D5102_zps53p13vwl.jpg

Weeks 15 - 18
Sweet release of morning sickness, but with the gain of stretching and hip pain. Also, on and off sleepiness again, which I attribute to the baby growing. This is when I really started to show, and not just feel fat. I also felt the first little movements in week 17, and they've been sporadic so far. I can't wait to feel the baby more and more.

 photo 2B63967C-7306-4CDE-9C1E-97D22EC3C868_zpsuxkqscbz.jpg

 photo 302E7BAF-35FC-4011-98AC-5C264DC9097F_zpsn8hd8rn5.jpg

 photo 642E474A-220A-4243-A009-0C0AA5E25396_zps1n63wbix.jpg

I am so super excited to actually feel like a mostly normal human again. 
Even though I am super happy and feel, well, blessed, to be able to carry a child, I will say pregnancy has not been easy for me, at all. At times I was miserable, and more than once I wondered why I wanted to go through this. But now that I'm out of the woods a bit, I feel a lot better, in general. Feeling everything start to stretch a bit is weird. And seeing my stomach growing is definitely cool, and weird. There's that word again! But it really is just a weird, but cool, experience.

I'm thinking about doing this every couple of weeks. So next time you see one of these posts, I should be able to say whether I am having a girl or a boy! 

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  1. You look awesome!! Excited to find out if it will be a little boy or a little girl! :)