Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

BIG Thank You to for the obsessive posting - you made compiling this list so very easy!

Here are the looks that I love...

 photo AA_GG15_zpsb871a344.jpg
(A great winners dress!)

 photo AK_GG15_zpsf9173677.png
(Cinderella in real life. My favorite.)

 photo UA_GG15_zps3eae2c97.jpg

 photo RW_GG15_zps232a317f.jpg

 photo JC_GG15_zps933c7228.jpg

 photo KH_GG15_zpsf646d57d.png
(Yes please with the blue tux!)

 photo GCAC_GG15_zpse07143d2.jpg
(Amal's debut on the red carpet and she knocks it out with a classic. Can't wait to see her continued looks!)

 photo EK_GG15_zps4c0a26dd.jpg

 photo AF_GG15_zps87a666f0.jpg
(I'm in the minority on this one, apparently, but I love it.)

 photo EB_GG15_zps915dfb80.jpg

 photo CB_GG15_zpscf33c84d.jpg

 photo ES_GG15_zps484383a3.jpg
(Yes! So unexpected but WOW!)

 photo JM_GG15_zps0b7d3029.jpg

 photo L_GG15_zps64e06022.jpg
(Completely gorgeous! I wish more women rocked pants on the red carpet.)

 photo HW_GG5_zps349bfb27.jpg
(Bow down to the queen!)

And here are the ones that I just don't even understand...

 photo TFAPyuck_GG15_zps5d1d7ec9.jpg
(Love them, hate these dresses.)

 photo KCno_GG15_zps95f2a5e6.png
(Way too much skin.)

 photo LD_GG15_zps9948aa4e.jpg
(... she doesn't even try and it's so disappointing.)

 photo KNgma_GG15_zps9197e4f8.jpg
(Girl, you may be pregnant but you're not on the prarie.)

 photo KMbelt_GG15_zps9c79f87c.jpg
(The belt completely killed it.)

 photo KWno_GG15_zps53b50425.jpg

 photo JMwtf_GG15_zps3934a5cd.jpg
(I almost always love her, but this is a huge NO.)

 photo APwtf_GG15_zps249eeb63.jpg

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