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ipsy vs Birchbox, October - December 2014

Since I have not done an ipsy or birchbox review since my last ipsy vs Birchbox, this is all new stuff! I'm still just going to do what I did last time- compare the boxes as a whole.

ipsy vs Birchbox October 2014
Here's my ipsy from October 2014
 photo 1014ipsy_zps82819c94.png
And here's my Birchbox from October 2014
 photo 1014birchbox_zps8a16ab5b.png

Even though I have tried the Sukiface Exfoliating Cleanser in March 2014 New Beauty Test Tube, Birchbox was definitely the winner for me this month. I have used every single sample in it. For the ipsy, the lipstick is sitting in a stash of stuff I need to give away, the handcream is tossed in with the others, and the mascara was just meh. I didn't choose any of my samples in this Birchbox- I just let them curate my box for me.
Winner: Birchbox

ipsy vs Birchbox November 2014
Here's my ipsy from November 2014
 photo 1114ipsy_zps10e761e1.png
And here's my Birchbox from November 2014
 photo 1114birchbox_zps7a0b33e5.png

This month, I opted to get the Birchbox Buzzfeed Box (read more about it at the Ramblings of a Suburban Mom blog) when they asked me to choose a sample, and even though I picked it, I think I would've been happier just letting them choose the box. The mascara is an extremely wet formula that is just really doing me no favors, and I really, really disliked the candle scent. The only thing I kind of liked is the dry shampoo. The ipsy bag, on the other hand, was decent, and I've used the eye liner and eye base quite a bit. I will be passing off the lip sample and highlighter to a friend, but, overall, I just liked it more. I also really, really liked the bag this month!
Winner: ipsy

ipsy vs Birchbox December 2014
Here's my ipsy from December 2014
 photo 1214ipsy_zpsb9b156d6.png 
And here's my Birchbox from December 2014
 photo 1214birchbox_zps1a3caf14.png

This month, I picked the eyeliner in my Birchbox, and I received a rose gold that I have used at least three times a week since receiving my box. And I used the hair spray once, but I wasn't super impressed with the staying power. For ipsy, I have used everything, and really enjoyed the products they chose for me- and I FINALLY got to try the Tarte deluxe lights, camera, lashes mascara that so many people rave about. And that eye polish is a really pretty rose gold that I've also gotten a lot of use out of, and will continue to do so. And the bag is super cute, though I kind of think it would've been more appropriate for a February box, since it has a pink heart. 
Winner: ispy

So the score for this quarter is Birchbox - 1, ipsy - 2, and the overall total for both is Birchbox - 2, ipsy - 3, and both - 1. 
I am going to keep both of them because I still love the Birchbox points system, and wish ipsy did something similar. But I love that ipsy gives more makeup products. And at $21.00 for both, it's still not something I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth out of each month.
This series will continue in the beginning days of April!

If any of you are interested in signing up for Birchbox, please click there and use my affiliate link! I receive points which I will exchange for products that I can review on this blog.
If any of you are interested in signing up for ipsy, please click there and use my affiliate link! I receive points which I will exchange for products that I can review on this blog.

FTC: I pay for both subscription boxes with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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