Friday, January 2, 2015

Changing it up again - Book Reviews

Last time I changed up how I did my book reviews, I liked it. I thought the idea would have my reenergized to do book reviews. And it did, but doing both Judging Book posts and the actual review took up twice the amount of time. Which is the opposite of what I was hoping it would do.

So, I've decided to change it up again, but I'm basically going to be combining the two posts into one.

I'm going to do an initial review prior to my reading the book- it might be a quick note I jot down in my Goodreads when I add the book to my "to read" category (and I really need to do this because sometimes I cannot remember why I added a book) and transfer over, or just a quick draft of the book review post. After that, I will post my review. This will all be in one handy post. I also think it might be fun to see my initial impressions against how I felt after reading.

My first new review will be up Tuesday, Jan 6th! Hope you guys enjoy!

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