Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beauty Protector Protect and Oil Review

Beauty Protector Protect and Oil

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Beauty Protector Protect and Oil I received in my February 2014 Birchbox.

How To Use: Apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair, concentrating on the scalp. Rinse thoroughly. 

How It Works: In addition to honey pearl powder, Protect & Shampoo is packed with rich vitamins and a gentle mix of sulfate-free cleaning agents. This powerhouse lineup cleanses and nourishes your strands.

Initial Impressions: My first impression is that this sample packaging is not great, and it is really hard to control how much product comes out. But it smells amazing- like sugary sweet goodness. My first time using this product, I used way too much, and my hair was oily, but it seemed to protect my hair and it didn't tangle. My second time using this product, I didn't use enough and my hair was a mess. 

Final Impressions: After completely using my sample, I feel kind of the way I did on my initial impressions- it smells really good, but it's too hard to use either too much or too little. That could be a problem with the sample given rather than the product, but there was enough in the sample that I used this for a total of about three weeks (a little goes a long way!), and it was very hit and miss. Because there are other hair oils that I've enjoyed more, I don't see myself purchasing this again.

You can purchase your own Beauty Protector Protect and Oil here.

FTC: This product was received as part of a subscription service which was purchased with my own money. No affiliate links have been used in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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