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New Beauty Test Tube May 2014

Another disappointing test tube...

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Sorry about some of the dark pictures- I realized too late that taking pictures lengthwise makes my lighting a little wonky.

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TanTowel Classic Self-Tan Towelettes Half Body Application for Face & Body
Foolproof application is a cinch with these unique towelettes that help deliver the perfect sun-kissed glow each and every time.
How To Use: Unfold towelette and apply to clean, dry skin in a circular motion starting with your body. Leave the face, elbows, and knees for last. Wash hands immediately.
Benefits Include: Multitasking Tanner: The easy-to-apply towelettes work three ways on your skin- exfoliating, tanning, and moisturizing- to leave it soft, smooth, and beautifully golden; and Foolproof Formula: These easy-to-use towelettes contain the perfect amount of concentrated self-tan formula to give skin a radiant, natural-looking glow in about two to four hours.
Will I Use It?: No, I won't use this. I don't use tanning products, but if I did, it wouldn't be a towel. My sister-in-law expressed interest in trying this out, so I'll probably pass them off to her the next time I see her.

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Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner
The ultimate multitasking, cleansing conditioner features a no-suds formula that leaves hair revitalized and shiny, thus restoring texture back to its optimal condition.
How To Use: Use in place of your shampoo and conditioner. Lightly emulsify one to two pumps between hands. Apply to the scalp area and gently massage through to the ends, spreading throughout hair. Leave in wet hair for up to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 
Benefits Include: Experience Perfection: This cleansing conditioner reinvents the art of shampooing and creates the perfect salon blow-dry at home; and Versatile Formula: In one product, this conditioner cleanses, conditions, reduces blow-drying time, detangles, enhances volume, and eliminates frizz. 
Will I Use It?: I'll give it a shot- I'm one that's kind of into my shampoo/conditioner/leave in type routine, but I might try this out on a weekend day when I know I'm not doing anything, or that I can jump in the shower again right away if this doesn't work quite the way I was hoping. I'll definitely do a review on it in the future.

New Beauty Test Tube Mally

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Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Topaz
A creamy, glide-on shadow, Evercolor Shadow Stick won't crease or wear away, leaving you with gorgeous  color all day- right where you put it. The innovative silicone system seals color in place while the creamy formula helps smooth away fine lines. 
How To Use: Run along lashes to use an an eyeliner or smooth on lids and blend to use as an eye shadow. 
Benefits Include: Four-In-One: This easy-to-use stick acts as an eye shadow, eyeliner, and primer, and even replaces your makeup brushes. Use a little to create a simple day look, or layer color for a sexy, smoky, nighttime effect; and Playtime: After applying, you have 30 seconds to blend, smooth, and play with the color to get the look you want before it sets beautifully in place.
Will I Use It?: I received the Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer in a QVC New Beauty Test Tube, and I feel the same way about these then as I do now- cool concept, but not better than the Maybelline color tattoos. And this color is pretty similar to that color, only has more red tones. I'll use it, but I think the claim that it stays put and doesn't crease is pretty bogus, especially for those of us with oily lids.

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Revision Skincare Intellishade Broad-Spectrum SPF 45
A three-in-one anti-aging tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that conceals, corrects, and protects.
How To Use: Apply evenly to face as part of the last step in your morning skin-care routine. Can be worn alone or with makeup. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure.
Benefits Include: Brighten and Even Skin Tone: A clinical study showed 94 percent of participants experienced smoother, brighter, more even-tone skin with intellishade; and Fight Aging: Formulated with a blend of three peptides, the moisturizer-meets-sunscreen reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing broad-spectrum UV protection.
Will I Use It?: I've actually been using it on and off since receiving the tube, and my only complaint is that sometimes I feel like the intellishade technology works, and sometimes it doesn't. It's pretty orangy for my skin tone, so when it doesn't work... well, I just look odd. Overall, the concept of this is pretty cool, but it's a little pricey. I'm not sure that I'll ever buy this again, but I can definitely say I've been enjoying it and maybe if I go into a local spa that has it and I have some extra cash, I'll keep it available in my collection.

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Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!
This deep conditioning mask helps resuscitate dry, damaged, or chemically-treated hair.
How To Use: After shampooing, massage into hair, ensuring the conditioner is evenly applied. Leave in for three to five minutes before rinsing. For even deeper conditioning, cover hair in a plastic cap to retain moisture while sitting under the dryer for 10 minutes, then rinse. 
Benefits Include: Naturally-Based: This conditioning treatment is fortified with ultrahydrating avocado, sweet almond and argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, rosehip oil, and soothing aloe; and Vitamin-Infused: Designed with biotin and hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, and E, this mask works to quench dry and damaged hair.
Will I Use It?: I haven't used this yet, but it's sitting in my shower waiting to be used! From looking online a bit, it seems like it gets pretty good reviews. However, my issue is that the sample included in my box is SO TINY. It's a 1oz sample, which isn't very big considering the price of this box and how big some of the other samples are. I'll probably be able to get three to four good uses (since I have such long hair) out of this sample.

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Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
This BB Cream for the body visibly improves the look of your skin after one day and provides you five visible benefits after five days.
How To Use: For best results, use daily as your body lotion. Massage the sheer formula all over your body, allowing time for it to dry prior to dressing.
Benefits Include: Five-In-One Formula: This cream works on multiple levels to hydrate, illuminate, visibly firm, and even skin tine and reduce the appearance of imperfections; and A Perfect Match: This quick-drying moisturizer goes on sheer before adjusting to your natural skin tone.
Will I Use It: So... here's where I got really, really pissed at this box. (Tell us how you really feel, right?!) This is a drug store product, and New Beauty touts itself on being a higher-end brand box. Not just that, but this is the exact same size I received in my Birchbox from March. Of which it was my "life style extra", so it wasn't even technically a part of the normal products I receive for $10.00. I got a bigger sample of this in my Target Beauty Box that only cost me $5.00! Since receiving this so many freaking times, I have decided it does actually help the appearance of skin tone issues on my legs, however, the scent is completely overwhelming to me. I get migraines really bad and this product seems to be a huge trigger, and I didn't discover it until I noticed a girl at work wears it as well and it was just crazy overwhelming to me. So I can't even use this at all. Which is not New Beauty's fault, but it is their fault for including such a tiny sample of a drug store product.

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Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
This concentrated glycerin moisturizing cream delivers serious hydration to heal superdry skin from head to toe.
How To Use: Apply evenly on dry skin or lips as often as desired. For best results, use immediately after bathing.
Benefits Include: Heal-All Formula: This cream replenishes lost moisture in all types of dry skin. From water damaged hands and brittle cuticles from frequent hand washing to painful chapped lips and cracked heels. Yu-Be helps heal and moisturize all of your dry skin issues from head to toe; and Long-Lasting: Yu-Be is safe and effective for the whole family. The nongreasy formula absorbs quickly and stays locked in for hours.
Will I Use It?: The sample that came in my box was 3 grams. 3 GRAMS. The full size of this is only 1oz for 16 dollars, and they send me a sample worth like $4.00. WHAT. I felt so ripped off when I realized this was actually part of the box, and not just a beauty-to-go extra. I haven't used it yet, because I was seriously so mad I almost threw it away. Instead I just stuck it in my lotion drawer. There is probably not enough to cover one arm, let alone try it out for my whole body. Which is another reason for the immense disappointment. 

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These are my extras. I think I've received the Cotz Face lotion at least two or three times before. I stuck the body cloth in my purse. I haven't used the face wrap yet, and the lotion is a hand cream that smells pretty good and works okay.

I'm not super happy with this box, especially compared to the one from March. And I'm in the majority- there were a lot of people that were very disappointed in this box. I received so many tiny samples that even though I received more than I paid for, the value of it is basically meaningless because I feel kind of ripped off.
It seems like the boxes are very give and take- one month is good, the next not so great. I'm going to be getting the Ipsy box soon (I'm on the waitlist), so I've decided to cancel this box. I can always renew if I see July's and September's, and if they are good, I might go ahead and get this box once more. But, for now, this is my last New Beauty Test Tube. 

FTC: This box was purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own. All product descriptions were taken directly from the New Beauty Test Tube catalog included with the box.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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