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Book Review: Shadow Spell (Book Two of the Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy) by Nora Roberts

Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts

Description from Goodreads
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a trilogy about the land we’re drawn to, the family we learn to cherish, and the people we long to love…

Book Two of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy
Shadow Spell

With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood, falconer Connor O’Dwyer is proud to call County Mayo home. It’s where his sister, Branna, lives and works, where his cousin, Iona, has found true love, and where his childhood friends form a circle that can’t be broken…

A circle that is about to be stretched out of shape—by a long-awaited kiss.

Meara Quinn is Branna’s best friend, a sister in all but blood. Her and Connor’s paths cross almost daily, as Connor takes tourists on hawk walks and Meara guides them on horseback across the lush countryside. She has the eyes of a gypsy and the body of a goddess…things Connor has always taken for granted—until his brush with death propels them into a quick, hot tangle.

Plenty of women have found their way to Connor’s bed, but none to his heart until now. Frustratingly, Meara is okay with just the heat, afraid to lose herself—and their friendship—to something more. But soon, Connor will see the full force and fury of what runs in his blood. And he will need his family and friends around him when his past rolls in like the fog, threatening an end to all he loves…

My Review

The second book of the Cousin O'Dwyer series was better than the first (which I reviewed here), in my opinion, because I actually loved the male protagonist, Connor. 

The book centers on the friendship and then romance of Meara and Connor. Meara and Connor have been friends for years, and even were each other's first kiss. There hasn't been romance between them before, but it's obvious there are hints of it here and there- Connor talking about what a beautiful gypsy Meara is, Meara talking about Connor in a way only a girl who loves someone deep down can... there are hints everywhere!

This book starts off again with the original three, mainly Eamon, and again, goes on about 40 pages. But again, I found this part to be quite entertaining. It talks more of the evils of Cabhan, his lust of women, and his weakness for power. And throughout the book, Connor and Eamon (being the only males of the three) stories twist together through dream-like scenes in which they talk, and bring protections to each other. 

There are several intense encounters between Meara and Cabhan. It's interesting because Meara does not have powers, but Cabhan knows if he takes her, he weakens the six.

I also loved the scenes this book at the place where Connor, Meara, Boyle, Finn, and Iona all work. The hawks and horses just sound so wonderful.

To be honest, a big part of the reason why I loved this book so much wasn't even because of just Meara and Connor's romance, though friends falling in love is one of my absolute favorite romantic storyline things. It was the friendship, again, of the six. Even Boyle seemed to talk and express more than he did in Dark Witch. 
And, the romance that is stirring between Branna and Fin... I really cannot wait for it finally to come together. Though I am interested, as well, in the final battle between the six and Cabhan. I thought for sure they were going to get him towards the end. Of course, there is another book so I should have known it wasn't going to end that way, but they really were so close!

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