Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's in my makeup bag? (As of February 6th, 2014)

Before I get into what's in my makeup bag, I wanted to say I have decided to suspend "my looks" post. I don't feel like I have the right set up right now to continue it. I do plan on resuming in the near future, but for now, I am going to take a bit of a break.

Okay, with that said, on to what's in my makeup bag!

First, I got a new storage container specifically for my Geek Chic eyeshadows.

makeup storage

I picked this up at Target for $2.99. It's a good fit for what I have now, and leaves me plenty of room to grow! And now I also don't have to worry about them moving around a lot inside my other containers or my makeup bag. It's also really great if I want to travel with these. Which I will be this week, because I'm going to San Diego, and taking them all with me! Just in case my sister-in-law wants to play, too.

Okay, now what I'm going to be using this month.

what's in my makeup bag?

Face products: I really, really love that Lumene CC cream. (I'll be posting a review next week!) The Ponds BB+ is still a face, and, of course, my Bare Minerals.
And as a follow up, I did throw out that Lorac powder. Yuck.

what's in my makeup bag?

Blushes: The Bare Minerals on the right is not actually a blush, it's an eyeshadow, but I'm going to try it as a blush. The others are actual blushes.

what's in my makeup bag?

Eyeshadows: I'm really digging the options of the Lorac Pro To Go (it's surprisingly versatile!). The Naked 3 is coming back because I really miss it. And I want to get this NYX palette out and play with the greens and blues.

 photo WIMMB_020614_4_zps67e933ef.jpg

More Eyeshadows: Love that Here Kitty. I actually took the stickers off the bottoms of all my bare minerals eyeshadows and stuck them on the lids, so they could sit properly in my containers and not make a mess. I also decided to bring back Bad to the Bronze. It's great for those mornings where I just don't have time but still want to look put together.

 photo WIMMB_020614_5_zpsbe078d1e.jpg

And Mascara. The Last Blast is in black brown, everything else is in black.
Eyeliners and such remain the same.

And that's what's going on for February! I really intend to use my Geek Chic shadows more than I have been, but also really try to create something new every day when I can. (Some mornings it is just not possible!)
Hope everyone has a wonderful February!

FTC: All products were gifts or purchased by me with my own money. Everything else was purchased by me with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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