Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wet Brush Review

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A review of a brush? I can hear you all now saying "Really? A brush? How great can a brush be to warrant its own review?"

Umm... so good that when I search YouTube, a ton of results come up, including my absolute favorite by Rachel Whitehurst.
(Seriously- watch this. It is both informative and hilarious.)

So good that it has absolutely changed the way I deal with my hair both pre and post shower. I used to have to completely brush my hair preshower, but now I don't have to do that. Because post shower, this cuts through my hair like a knife through butter.
It also works great on my long hair once it's dry. My hair is fine and tangles super easy, but this gets out the tangles without ripping out my hair. 

Not that this brush is without it's problems- even though it gets through tangles easily, it's not like there is absolutely no tugging- there is. It's just not as harsh and I don't feel like any of my hair is coming out. There is also less fallout of hair while brushing. So it's a win in my book!

I also find it makes my hair more shiny- something about the Inteliflex bristles just helps my normally not-so-shiny hair look almost supermodel shiny!
I have no idea what kind of witchcraft was put on these brushes, but all I know is that I want more of it. 

You can purchase your own Wet Brush here.

FTC: This brush was a Christmas gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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