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This Month in Nails - January 2013

Ulta Beauty in Celebutante with a topcoat of Avon Urban Splatter in Purple Graffiti

 photo UltaCelebutante_AvonUrbanSplatterPurpleGraffiti_zps1da1518f.jpg

 photo UltaCelebutante_AvonUrbanSplatterPurpleGraffiti2_zps96b26b80.jpg

My mother-in-law bought me THREE of the Urban Splatter polishes. I'm not super happy with Purple Graffiti- you can't even tell it's purple. BUT I do love how it looks and all the different mixes of glitters.
And Celebutante is a favorite of mine- I would repurchase it if I ever ran out. I feel like it's coming off more blue than it is, but trust me- it is extremely purple.

China Glaze in Santa Red My List

China Glaze Santa Red My List

China Glaze Santa Red My List

My sister-in-law bought me this in a set that China Glaze had out during Christmas time. I hit the motherload in nail polish this Christmas! I feel like this is an exact dupe for Color Club's Hot Like Lava, but I love it, so I don't mind having this little "back up".
I also really like the length of both my pointer and ring fingers here. Random observations!

Zoya in FeiFei

Zoya FeiFei

Zoya FeiFei

OMG. I really wish the swatches of this were coming off better and the tips weren't so worn. Unfortunately this is about three days in on the wear, because every time I would remember I still needed to take pictures, it was dark.
This is really more blue than it seems in the pictures, and I love it. I got it during the Zoya promo (Buy three, pay $12.00), and I'm so glad I decided to get this one. I wore it during the NFC Championship game (Go Seahawks!) and it really was near the perfect color to be wearing. I might even pop it on during the Super Bowl! I still haven't fully decided what I'm doing yet.

Sally Hansen in Jaded, Pat on the Black, Red My Lips, and Please Sea Me

Sally Hansen Jaded Pat on the Black Please Sea Me Red My Lips

I did a complete post on these polishes here. I received three of them in an Influenster Vox Box, and the other in the Allure Fall Beauty Box. The more of these polishes that I get, the more I like them!

Zoya in FeiFei with Accent Funky French with China Glaze in In The Lime Light

Zoya FeiFei China Glaze In The Lime Light

(My apologies for the tip wear- I forgot to wrap the tips and after typing all day it just tore my nails up!)

Zoya FeiFei China Glaze In The Lime Light

This is the nail look I did for the SuperBowl. I had to do it a little early due to plans over the long weekend, and needing to get two weeks worth of blog posts written because I'm going out of town for a long weekend next weekend (Sunday is my Birthday). I like how it turned out, and you can't really see it in the pictures, but the green from In the Lime Light really played off the shimmer in FeiFei. 
I purchased In The Lime Light partially because it was just so obnoxious and really the perfect "Seahawk" green, and partially for the name. (I'm a huge Rush fan, and they have a song called Limelight. I know, nerd alert!)

FTC: Please see above for how polishes were received. Unless stated otherwise, they were purchased by me with my own money. 

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