Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag? (As of January 16th, 2014)

Time to give getting naked a break!

I bought some hair color at Sally's (along with some nail polish removing pads), and got a free makeup bag! So I decided to isolate my makeup brushes in their own separate bag.
(Side note: They built this really nice new shopping center in my town and it has an Ulta. Now, they're also putting in a Sallys. So in the event of Zombie Apocalypse, you'll find me there.)

 photo wimmb011614_zpsad175581.jpg

Oh, and look what my husband got me for Christmas- the Sonia Kashuk brush set that was available over Christmas!

 photo 62C4F81E-596E-42F1-8F58-4C91838FF172_zpsv9ifb3jh.jpg

I love them so much! They're all so soft and wonderful.

 photo wimmb011614_2_zpsb44ca2b6.jpg

I also bought a new Cover Girl Lash Blast Length because I needed it back in my life. So pretend that's pictured there, also.

 photo wimmb011614_3_zpsf7df6f1e.jpg

I really hate that Lorac powder. I need to throw it away. But it's here for now because maybe I'll decide to un-hate it.
And I decided to give that Rimmel foundation another try!

 photo wimmb011614_4_zps62a19b99.jpg

LOOK WHAT I GOT! LORAC PRO TO GO!!! My sister-in-law bought this for me for Christmas- we pretty much always get each other makeup or something makeup related. Because we are both obsessed and feed each other's addictions. But anyway! I'm super excited to have this and have been playing with it a little already, and I really, really like it!
I'm going to do a full review and do a pinspiration post on it soon.

 photo wimmb011614_8_zpscf00a3ae.jpg

Cheek stuff. There are also two blushes and a bronzer in the Lorac Pro To Go palette.

 photo wimmb011614_9_zpsc68eed90.jpg

Along with the palette's, I decided to throw in some single shadows. I'm using Samwise the Brave, Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, Into the West, One Ring, and I Am No Man from the Geek Chic Fellowship Collection, and Chosen One from the Geek Chic It's Dangerous To Go Alone Collection.

 photo wimmb011614_10_zpsbb5ec1ae.jpg

And I'm tossing in this. Because why not!

I'll be updating my makeup bag now at the beginning of every month. So you guys will see a new bag again really soon!

FTC: The Sonia Kashuk brushes and the Lorac Pro To Go Palette were gifts. Everything else was purchased by me with my own money.

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