Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2014

It's award season!
I don't watch all the award shows, but I always watch The Emmy's, The Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards. I love the awards, but I also love the fashion. So I like to share some of my favorites and least favorites from these!

First, the favorites.

 photo OliviaWildeGG2014_zpse0a35ad1.jpg
(Best dress I've ever seen on a pregnant woman.)

 photo ZosiaMametGG2014_zpsddb03aff.jpg

 photo MelissaRauchGG2014_zpsccde067f.jpg

 photo MelissaMcCarthyGG2014_zpse21778e1.jpg

 photo ReeseWitherspoonGG2014_zps5983cebb.jpg

 photo MayimBialikGG2014_zps5330a69d.jpg

 photo KaleyCuocoGG2014_zpsb457fb83.jpg

 photo JessicaChastainGG2014_zps941e765a.jpg

 photo ChrisPineGG2014_zps7a6e14ad.jpg
(I mean... where'd I put my brain??)

 photo AmyAdamsGG2014_zps957ae88c.jpg

 photo ArielWinterGG2014_zpsb6a8edfc.jpg

 photo tinafeyamypoehlerGG2014_zps1beea0e3.png
(loved these dresses!)

 photo ChanningTatumAndJennaDewanGG2014_zps4fa94b5d.jpg

And my least favorites.

 photo PaulaPattonGG2014_zps6a349a88.jpg
(What is the actual...)

 photo ZoeyDeschanelGG2014_zps96a5f1ae.jpg

 photo JoannaNewsomandAndySambergGG2014_zps978ee38e.jpg

 photo JenniferLawrenceGG2014_zps9cbca129.png
(I am a huge JLaw fan. Just not so much of this dress.)

 photo DrewBarrymoreGG2014_zpsc1254fda.jpg
(pregnant women can look gorgeous... but not in this.)

 photo EdieFalcoGG2014_zps425ac53d.jpg

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