Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sally Hansen Total Knockout Vox Box

I was lucky enough to qualify for and receive the Sally Hansen Total Knockout Vox Box from Influenster! (For more information on what Influenster is, see my first post here.)

I was really excited because it's NAIL POLISH! And although I only had two of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes, I have wanted to get more because I really like the finish and the colors. I also like that you don't have to use a base coat or a top coat. (Although, I do because it's my routine and my nails stain really easy. And I like a top coat to smooth things out. But you really don't need to with these.)

I received THREE (yes, three) of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes in my Total Knockout Vox Box. I thought I was only getting one, so that was an awesome surprise! The colors I received are Jaded, Pat on the Black, and Red My Lips.

I forgot to get a picture of the box, but what you're really here for is the nail pictures, right???

 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jaded

I wanted to use ALL THE COLORS so I did. Because I wanted to try them all. The first one is Jaded. It took about three coats to get the look of what I have on, and it's still not completely opaque. I like my polish opaque, so this is a little frustrating for me. But it is a lovely color that I can definitely see loving on my toes in the springtime.
To me, it is extremely close to a For Audrey dupe. Not quite blue enough, but pretty damn close.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Pat on the Black

The second color is Pat on the Black. It is a deep wine color, but definitely just looks black. This got a little patchy on me, but that could be because I failed and didn't let the first coat dry completely. As far as dark nail colors go, this is a good one. In person, it doesn't lean as black as it does in photos, but it is very dark. If you're into dark polish, I recommend trying this!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Red My Lips

And the third color is Red My Lips. I think this is my new favorite red nail polish. The formula is amazing, and the color reminds me of this red shirt that I lived in during high school. The perfect red. Opaque in one coat, but I used two for good measure. And because it was so beautiful, I just wanted to keep applying it. I might actually take off all my other polishes and use this one. Or, wear it for Valentine's Day. Either way, if you're a red polish fan, run out to get this right now. I'll be here waiting.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Please Sea Me

You can see I also have a blue. See, I didn't want to just add another one of my three, so I grabbed the other solid polish I have from this line in Please Sea Me. (The other polish I have is a glitter called Mermaid's Tale, which you can see here.) I received this in my Allure Fall Beauty Box, and I just love it. It can run a little thick, so I would advise to get as much off the brush as possible before applying to your nails.

Overall, I'm really happy with these polishes. For the price, and if you count the fact that you really should be getting a complete manicure from these, you can't beat it! Most of my polishes run from $3.99 up to $10.00, plus base and top coat and you're looking at $20.00 for a complete nail look. This way you can save a little money, and get a great quality product.

Thank you so much to Sally Hansen and Influenster for the products!

FTC: I received the first three nail polishes from Influenster for review purposes. The last polish was purchased by me with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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