Thursday, December 12, 2013

Unboxing/Reviewing the Influenster Rose Vox Box

(I received this box compliments of Influenster to test and review the products inside.)

Hey guys! Today I'm bringing you my unboxing/review of the Influenster Rose Vox Box. For those of you unfamiliar with Influenster, it is a program where you review products, and if you're score gets high enough, they invite you to receive different themed boxes and review what's inside!
You get scored based on different surveys taken, and your expert score. It's quite fun, and this is the fifth box I've received since joining in March of 2012.

 photo rosevoxbox_zps35647834.jpg

The box usually arrives like this, only the size and color depends on what you are reviewing. My themed box was the Rose Vox Box, which is a beauty themed box. I most likely qualified for this box because my Beauty Queen Expert Badge score is an 87.

 photo rosevoxbox_2_zpsa682c060.jpg

I was quite excited when I learned that Kiss USA and Rimmel was included in this box. I've never tried a Rimmel mascara, and I'm a fan of some of the Kiss USA products, so I knew I would be pleased.
According to the box badges, I expected to receive something from VitaBath, however, nothing was inside my box. Since this box was free, I'm not complaining! But it is something worth noting.

 photo rosevoxbox_3_zps6db3309f.jpg

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles (contains 1)
I'm already a pretty big fan of these (I actually had a package in my room!), but it's always nice to get a little treat. If you've never had a Lindt Truffle, but you're a fan of chocolate or candy, I recommend them highly! They are just so creamy and delicious.

 photo rosevoxbox_5_zpsaa59fd81.jpg

Kiss USA Gradiation Kit in Exposure Gold
I've used their fake nails before, and I liked them okay, so I was pretty happy with receiving this. The colors are a beautiful choice for the holidays, and I'm excited to try them out- especially that pretty gold sparkle one! Be on the lookout for this in my nail looks next month!

 photo rosevoxbox_6_zps93535cb5.jpg

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Retro Glam in Black
This wasn't a mascara I was familiar with prior to receiving this box, but I've used it a few times now, and overall I like it! The brush is very large and hour-glass shaped, and really does add quite a bit of volume to my lashes. The formula is a little wetter than I prefer, but I'm sure once it dries out a bit, I will love it more.
It reminds me a lot of the Cover Girl Lash Blast, in the way my lashes behave. I'm going to keep using it and see which one I enjoy more.

 photo rosevoxbox_7_zps20fc849d.jpg

Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions
I'm probably going to be giving these away- the only boots I have are Bear Paws, so they have a built in comfort lining, and these will be too fluffy if I put them in any of my flats. I'm sure they work great, I'm just not going to use them and I'd rather give them away to someone who will.

 photo rosevoxbox_8_zpsd6e14947.jpg

Belvita Breakfast Biscuit in Blueberry
This was surprisingly delicious and filling. It would be a great mid-morning or late afternoon snack. I definitely want to try the cinnamon ones, but the blueberry flavor was great, too. When I purchase more snacks for work, this will definitely be high on my list to try.

If you're interested in joining and being active on Influenster to try your hand at receiving boxes, please leave your email here and I will invite you! My score will go up the more you review, but that's the only form of "compensation" I would receive.

FTC: I received this box from Influenster to review the products sent. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. That's an awesome Influenster! So far I've only been invited to review dish soap, yogurt, and shoe insoles. Not exactly a beauty blogger's ideal selection of products!!!

    1. I got the dish soap, too, but I thought it was okay, and now I've repurchased it because I really like it! Hopefully you get more beauty related stuff soon!