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Book Review: Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu

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Description from Goodreads
He is a Legend.

She is a Prodigy.

Who will be Champion?

June and Day have sacrificed so much for the people of the Republic—and each other—and now their country is on the brink of a new existence. June is back in the good graces of the Republic, working within the government’s elite circles as Princeps-Elect, while Day has been assigned a high-level military position. 

But neither could have predicted the circumstances that will reunite them: just when a peace treaty is imminent, a plague outbreak causes panic in the Colonies, and war threatens the Republic’s border cities. This new strain of plague is deadlier than ever, and June is the only one who knows the key to her country’s defense. But saving the lives of thousands will mean asking the one she loves to give up everything. 

With heart-pounding action and suspense, Marie Lu’s bestselling trilogy draws to a stunning conclusion

My Review
I guess that's not really a good way to start a review, but that's just how I feel. I felt meh about half way through the book, and I feel meh after finishing it. 

It reminds me a lot of how I felt when I finished The Hunger Games series. Underwhelmed. 
(Don't get me wrong- I loved the shit out of the first and second Hunger Games books, and will happily go to the last movies, but that doesn't mean I'm not secretly hoping they change Katniss completely from someone that's always in a coma to someone who is actually who she was in the beginning. Sorry, tangent!)

I really, really liked the first book of the Legend series. But as the books have gone on, I haven't felt that pull to be in that world. And towards the end, I was wanting to read more about the small, skipped over things (can she please do a series about Antarctica?!), rather than caring about Day. Or June. Or even Eden. 

I cared so little I finished the book yesterday, and I remember very little about the book as a whole. 

What I do remember is this- The Colonies invade the Republic. They need to find a cure to the plague the colonies are spreading, and they think Eden is the key. In order to get Antarctica's help, they have to find the cure.
Eden isn't the cure. Tess is dying. Day is dying. 

And then it all becomes a huge blur of war and mistruths, and I stopped caring. Even the end, although it was both happy and not, didn't really leave me feeling any way.

Other than feeling extremely underwhelmed.

I gave this book a three star review. Which is for both the book and the series as a whole. I don't think this book deserves less than three stars, because it wasn't a bad book. I guess I just wanted more of the experience. I wanted to care, and I didn't. 
That is probably my fault more than the authors, especially because this book has such high ratings otherwise.

If you're interested in getting this book after my gushing review (lol), you can get the hardcopy here, or a kindle copy here.

FTC: I borrowed this book from my local library. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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