Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Month in Nails - November 2013

Does anyone remember this series?

The reason why it disappeared last month is because I'm a reformed nail biter, who's currently back at the beginning of her twelve steps.
Basically, I decided enough is enough, and I need to stop biting my nails. Because I love relaxing at the end of the day and painting my nails a couple of times a week. It is so therapeutic for me! I also have a TON of nail polish, and when it just sits there looking like it wants to be used and it's not being used... well, I just feel like I wasted money.
I bite and pick my nails less when they're painted. So I just decided to stop biting them and put on some polish instead. Hopefully this is another step to the long road to recovery!

Orly in Rose Pixel

I've shown this on the blog before, back in August, but it really is one of my favorite shades. I also figured it was neutral enough that while my nails are still growing back in, it wouldn't be as noticeable as a darker shade might. The only picture I took was on instagram, because I didn't want to take any "official" swatch pictures. As you can see, my nails are still quite short. But they're coming around!

This was taken late in the month and this took me right up to the last day of November. Hopefully I'll have some fun, christmasy type nails to show off this month, since my nails are growing back in!

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