Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Perfect Palette Tag

I've seen this around YouTube and I thought it would be a really fun tag to do!

1. Best Packaging

 photo packaging_zpsfa4a6322.jpg
I have to give it to the Naked Basics. I love that the mirror stays in place. I love how sleek it is. It's not always easy to open, but I do wish more of my palettes were like this, basically because I can set it on a table and it will stay open.

2. Best Color Payoff

 photo loracnaked_zps13f6400b.jpg
It's a tie between my Lorac Pro Palette, and my original Naked Palette. I feel like the color payoff on both of these is really true to pan.

3. Most Versatile

 photo fave_zpsb37ede80.jpg
This definitely goes to the Lorac pro. I can create any look I want with this palette- from super neutral to dark and smoky. Anything I want to do, eyes wise, I can do!

4. Best for Traveling

 photo loracbasicallynaked_zps7f960ae0.jpg
This is also a tie! If I need to go somewhere, these are the two palettes that I want with me. It's not that the Lorac doesn't have enough mattes- it certainly does! But between the two, I have a mirror that can stay open, and enough of a mix of mattes and shimmers that I can do any look I need to!

5. Biggest Regret

 photo regret_zpse8e6d290.jpg
This is also a tie. I may lose seriously blogger cred, but I don't get the love with the wet 'n wild  eyeshadow palettes- at least not this one. I get crazy fallout, the shades are chalky so they don't blend well- I just don't get it! I really need to just purge this out of my collection. I'm willing to try some of the other wet 'n wilds because this could be a fluke, but I regret buying this.
The Cover Girl palette I mainly got for the green and blue, and now I have better quality makeup that I don't absolutely need a white base to get absolute color payoff. I would have to layer so much eye shadow on my eyes to get close to the shade in the pan that it just wasn't worth it. 

6. Best Color Names

 photo funnestnames_zps441132ac.jpg
Of the palettes I have, it has to be this palette. I think Too Faced really does come up with the funnest names! The names of this palette include Cut the Cake, Hot Cocoa, Lovey Dovey, and Licorice Latte, to name a few.

7. Least Used
I think it's safe to say that my least used is also the ones listed under "biggest regret". I don't use those much because I'm not into the color payoff or the fallout. I really just need to trash them.

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island
The Lorac Pro! It's listed in several categories, and I am just so in love with it. It's the only palette I own that I can actually see having to replace the whole thing because I will have run out of virtually every shade. There isn't a single shade I dislike in this palette, and all are pigmented and flattering shades for my skin tone. I can get any look I want (as I said above), and I never worry about not being able to come up with one look using ONLY this palette (I usually have to use more than one if I'm using any other palette I own). Overall, this is the palette I will go back to.  

I Tag: Jenna and Allie, specifically, and any of you that want to do it! If you've already done this tag, please feel free to leave a comment to the post or YouTube video, and I will definitely go check it out!

FTC: All products were with purchased by me with my own money or received as gifts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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