Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag? (As of July 1st, 2014)

So, I did something...
I bought the Lorac Pro Palette 2.
 photo wimmb_070314_3_zpsbfb17e2e.jpg

So, of course, I have to use it this month! I have a post coming next week with swatches and my review, but I've been using it a couple of days, and I'm pretty in love with it! I figured what better to use it with than the original pro palette, and I'm throwing in a sephora palette that has eight eyeshadows and a blush that I really like to use, as well. (It also has four lipglosses, but I'm not a fan of those.)

 photo wimmb_070314_zps66270627.jpg

For face, I'm sticking with bareminerals, but I'm going back to the Ponds BB cream.

 photo wimmb_070314_2_zpseeaa76c3.jpg

For blushes, I'm back to my Ulta blush in Exposed, and my Avon smooth minerals blush. Both tried and true shades that I just love so much!

 photo wimmb_070314_4_zps69701cfc.jpg

In moving and going through my makeup, I found a totally unopened bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion, and although it's never been a favorite of mine, I decided to give it a try again. I also have to have out my Too Faced, as usual, and I'm also pretty obsessed with this Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion, so I decided to keep that out, too.

 photo wimmb_070314_5_zps28d1eec1.jpg

And finally, mascara. I had a picture of my eyeliners (I just have a brown and silver, as well as an eyebrightener), but it apparently got eaten up somehow . I'm keeping it simple this month for mascara, but I did get this L'oreal Voluminous Manga mascara to try. I'm still deciding how I feel about it, mostly I feel pretty positive!

And thats it for this month! As you can tell, my lighting set up is still not great, and these pictures are actually taken on my new makeup set up, which you guys will also be seeing next week!

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