Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new makeup organization set up

Here is is- my new makeup organization!

 photo makeuparmoire_1_zps55fa5584.jpg

This is a jewelry armoire that my mother-in-law gave me, and it sits in my closet. I don't have near enough jewelry (or even the jewelry box I have on top of it!) to fill an armoire, but I figured this would be perfect for my makeup!

 photo makeuparmoire_2_zps423fce53.jpg

The top drawer houses all my single eyeshadows or small duos/trios/quads, and my color tattoos. It has little dividers, which is helpful to keep everything organized! I also put my sharpeners here, but I really don't use those much since, as a general rule, I buy twist-up liners.

 photo makeuparmoire_3_zps099567cd.jpg

The next drawer down is where I decided to keep my Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadows organized. Again, this drawer also came with the dividers, so they just fit in there perfectly!

 photo makeuparmoire_4_zps878deb27.jpg

The next drawer is where I'm keeping all my face products- primers, blushes, foundations, eyeshadow powders, bronzers- anything I put on my face.

 photo makeuparmoire_5_zpsfb492342.jpg

Next down is lip products. That pink divider is left over from my old set up, but it fits in there and is definitely helpful for keeping those little ones separate from the rest. At least, it probably will be when I get more lip products. I don't own too many, as you can see, because I rarely use anything on my lips other than a chapstick or lip smacker. I need to fix that.

 photo makeuparmoire_6_zpsc655ac3a.jpg

Next down is eye primers, mascaras, shadow sticks, eyeliners, pencils, etc. This drawer is pretty full!

 photo makeuparmoire_7_zps9afc3c19.jpg

Next drawer down is where I keep a majority of my palettes, and I've tried to organize them as best I can be brand. There is more room than it looks like in here, so I definitely can fit a few more.

 photo makeuparmoire_8_zpsdb28528a.jpg

Second from the bottom is my brush drawer. I used a container from my old set up, and put my makeup bag inside of it. Then, I basically just put the extra brushes around it. I pretty much only use the brushes in the bag, and that's out on my vanity anyway when it's not put away in the drawer.

 photo makeuparmoire_9_zps0d509186.jpg

And the very bottom drawer is for extras/doubles or whatever doesn't really go anywhere else.

 photo makeuparmoire_10_zps96b5f3c5.jpg

And here's what's on top- my jewelry box, a couple of palettes that don't fit in the drawer, my Urban Decay Urban Bride box that was a gift from my sis-in-law (it's empty now), and a jar my aunt gave me as a bridal shower gift (it has a broach of hers, as well as a couple jewels that were on the tables at my wedding). That front small purple and white box did have marshmallow body powder (it was in the Urban Bride set), but I almost knocked it over multiple times and will never use it, so it's gone now.

So that's my new set up! I was thinking about getting the Alex 9 system that I've seen around so much, but when my mother-in-law offered me this, I could not refuse! It's pretty much perfect for my needs!

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