Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lush Haul #1 (and a brief explanation on my Hauling plans)

Here's something I never did in my first year of blogging, but thought it might be fun to try out during my second year- Hauls! Some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch and blog posts to read are Hauls, because you get people's first impressions and excitement about the products.

I plan on trying to do hauls now as often as I feel like is okay. I'm not an avid shopper by any means, but usually when I buy cosmetics or something, I buy more than one thing at a time (usually it's three or more), and I feel like that will warrant a blog posts.
Hauls will also be posted on "off" blog days- so, not a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I personally don't feel like they should take the place of a normal blog, because hopefully they won't take as long!

My town finally got a Lush towards the end of last year, and I just went on the 25th. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get over there, but now that I have been, I will definitely be going back again and again.
It's not my first time at a Lush- I went with my sister-in-law during one of my visits to San Diego. But I actually like our Lush a lot better than the one we went to- it's bigger and the people were way nicer. Especially the girl that helped me- she really went out of her way to demo the products I was thinking about on my skin, and explained everything throughly. It's so rare that you get that amount of customer service anymore, and I'm hoping when I go again, she's there to help me.
I'm also probably going to go at least once a month to get something new. We'll see! 
I went in there with a list of things I wanted to smell or try (it was about 10 items in total), and ended up leaving with 5 things- two bath bombs, a lip scrub, a shaving soap, and a soap. And the soap wasn't something I initially even thought about, but it smelled so good I couldn't not take at least a little sample. Plus, the girl totally sold me on it!

 photo dfluffshavingsoap_zps57df2ab0.jpg

 photo dfluffshavingsoap2_zps66c31aa5.jpg

I knew I needed to pick this up on my trip when I saw Musings of a Muse raving about it. D'Fluff is a shaving soap, and so far, I've used it twice (legs and underarms), and I'm really impressed. My legs are so smooth, even two days after my initial shave.
I bought the small container, but I am almost positive I will be picking up a big size later. And my husband couldn't believe how smooth my legs were, and might be going with me on my next trip to see if they have a scent that he would like for shaving.

 photo MANGNIFICENT_zps09e81b14.jpg

This Mangnificent soap is the item the lady talked me into, and I haven't used it yet. It gets good reviews on the Lush website, the sales lady just raved about it (and said it's good for stretch marks?! I don't see that anywhere online but it doesn't mean it wouldn't work!), and it smells pretty good. I might stick it in my shower. I got a sample that cost me about $3.50.

 photo mintjulips_zpsebaea7c0.jpg

 photo mintjulips2_zpsac0664c7.jpg

Mint Julips is another thing I knew I wanted when I walked in. I needed a lip exfoliator, bad. My lips being kind of chapped and chewed on are a big reason why I don't wear a lot of lipsticks.
I will say I used this once already, and again, I'm totally sold on it. My lips are so incredibly soft, and this stuff tastes AMAZING (like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!).

 photo butterball_zps034383e7.jpg

I also got a Butterball to try. It's a bath bomb, and it smells so wonderful. I used to wear exclusively vanilla scents a lot in junior high, in addition to my still beloved Cucumber Melon, so this smell definitely took me back. And it has chunks of cocoa butter, so it should be super moisturizing! But I haven't used it yet, because I wanted to use this guy first...

 photo dragonsegg_zpsfc4a314e.jpg

... Dragon's Egg! I LOVE the smell of this- it's like citrus candy. And it fizzes and pops and feels so good, and then there's the golden center that makes the water (and your skin) kind of shimmery. Not like Twilight Vampire shimmery, but you will come out of the tub with some on you. It's extremely refreshing and really takes all the stress away. I've used this before, and I used the one I bought the night I got home, and it was also the first time I had taken a bath in my new tub! It was wonderful.

I'll do a more complete review of all of the products once I get the chance to use them. And I'm already planning my next trip to Lush!
Is there anything I absolutely have to check out on my next trip??


  1. The Twilight Bath Bomb is my absolute favorite. If I could only buy one thing from Lush, that's what I'd pick. I love the smell and how it makes the water look.

    1. I'll put that on my list to try! Thanks, Allie!