Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Month in Nails - September 2013

Here is what I wore on my nails in September!

China Glaze in In The Lime Light with an overcoat of Wet n' Wild Shine in Nerd Alert: Screech with an accent nail of Avon in Mink with a white art polish design

That's probably the longest title for a polish design I will ever write!

 photo footballnailschinaglazeinthelimelight_zpsb9de38bb.jpg

I pulled the inspiration for this design on my last month's Simple but Pretty Nail Art Pinspiration post, and this specifically comes from Polish and Pearls blog (aka MissJenFABULOUS on YouTube). Obviously it's not exactly the same, but I like the way I chose to do this.

In The Lime Light is a polish I bought because it's so obnoxious. It's a neon, so there are some issues with building it up, and streaking. So I decided to layer over a coat of Nerd Alert: Screech.

 photo footballnailswetnwildshinenerdalertscreech_zps999d01db.jpg

I really like the way the combo turned out!

 photo comparisonnerdalertscreechandinthelimelight_zps66069919.jpg

This is just a comparison showing these are not dupe polishes!

 photo footballnailsavonmink_zps666d3c0c.jpg

The brown I chose is actually the only brown I own! But I really like it!

Sally Hansen in Laced Up

I really like the Sally Hansen nail stickers. But it seems like every time I use them, the quality has gone down. These ones only lasted a few days.

 photo saloneffectslacedup_zpscea4fa6c.jpg

 photo saloneffectslacedup2_zpsc0112152.jpg

The pattern on these is really pretty, and I will definitely use them again, maybe for an accent nail or something. But like I said, I feel the quality has gone down a bit. Maybe it's just this particular one, I'm not sure.

And that concludes this month in nails.
I'm a reformed nail biter, and after this mani, I kind of went crazy. So I'm trying to let my nails grow out a bit. Hopefully they will be grown out soon!

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