Thursday, October 24, 2013

10 Makeup Products I Can't Live Without - Sister-in-Law edition!

I went to San Diego this weekend, and got to hang out with one of my favorite people in the entire world, my sister-in-law, Jenna.
Jenna is as obsessed with makeup as I am, if not more so. She actually is a makeup artist, and did the makeup for my wedding (as well as her own, and many others). 
I asked Jenna if she would mind sharing some of her favorite products with me, so I could make a blog, and fortunately she didn't think I was nuts, and wanted to do it! I always love the way Jenna does her makeup, so this was also eye opening for me! I just find what other people use to be so fascinating! 

Take it away, Jenna!

10 Makeup Products I couldn’t live without, in order of application. This is basically my daily routine. Obviously I’m a MAC whore.

  Prep + Prime Skin

I use this pretty much every day (unless I accidentally skip this step, which I ALWAYS regret it when I do!). I apply with my hands like a lotion. It’s a little sparkly, which always makes me happy while applying (because sparkles are the key to happiness in case you didn’t know) and it’s covered up after foundation so it’s not like my face is all Twilight-y.

 Pro Longwear Foundation

I go back and forth between this foundation and another from MAC. Overall, this one is my favorite. I like the built-in pump, I like the coverage, just overall, I like this one.

 Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

I couldn’t live without this powder. It provides top notch coverage for my very splotchy face. I’ve tried other powders, but nothing beats the coverage of this powder.

  Powder Blush

I have lots of blushes from MAC, but Margin is my all-time favorite and matches most all makeup looks.

  Mineralize Skinfinish

I use this as a highlighter around my eyes, down my nose and on the top of my lips. I also use contouring powder every once in awhile, but if I had to pick between having a highlighter or a contour powder, I’d pick the highlighter any day!

 Eye Brows

My favorite brow pencil. The only negative thing I can say about this pencil is you reach the end without warning and sometimes you don’t have a chance to get to MAC for a couple days. AHHH my eyebrows looks TERRIBLE during that time. I have a Cover Girl eyebrow pencil as my backup pencil, it just sucks so much in comparison!

A non-MAC item! I love Urban Decay shadows. They are great and pigmented. I have both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes (among others that I love just as much). I choose the Naked 2 palette over the original Naked Palette for its packaging. The colors are equally as great, but I love that this one closes tight. I also like the matte black shadow over the sparkly shadow in the original Naked Palette for eyeliner.
My everyday look with the Naked 2 Palette is: Browbone and Tear Duct - Bootycall; Lid - Chopper, Verve, or Suspect; Outer Corner - Snakebite; and Outer V (if I want to go darker for the day) - Blackout

 Penultimate Eye Liner

Love this eyeliner. It’s so easy to be precise with it. I love doing a cat eye so it’s perfect!


Favorite Mascara. I just love the giant wand and the formula is great too.


All time favorite lipstick. It’s pretty much nude with a little sheen. It’s perfect because even when it starts to wear off it’s so close to my normal lip color that you can’t tell, like with darker lipsticks. I just heart it so much!

Thanks, Jenna!
As you can tell, Jenna loves MAC. She bought me my very first MAC item, a studio fix powder, that I used on my wedding day, as well as pretty much every day for a setting powder, or a touch-up powder. We actually went to the MAC in Downtown San Diego while I was there visiting, but we only bought for my mother-in-law. I think I always get nervous in MAC, though I will say our MAC artist was very helpful, and my mother-in-law is extremely happy with our color choices for her!

I guess now I'll have to do a 10 Makeup Products I can't live without! Be on the lookout for that soon!

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