Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Not Just For Babies: Uses For Baby Powder

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There are so many uses for baby powder, other than on a baby's bottom, and quite a few of them are "beauty" related. Here are some methods I've found online, or heard about from friends, that I have tried.

1. In Your Hair As a "Dry Shampoo"
This is my favorite method. You can either sprinkle some on your hands and rub it into your roots, or put it directly on your hair (just be careful not to use too much!). This also makes the hair more voluminous.
I have extremely oily hair (usually if I take a shower in the morning, I already have oils by the evening, so if I'm going somewhere, I just use a little baby powder and it absorbs everything. If you have darker hair, I would suggest using a light touch and add as needed.

2. Fuller lashes
Using a dry mascara spooly, coat the wand in baby powder and coat over your lashes. Then apply mascara. Repeat as necessary. It really does make a difference! (Just be careful not to put too much so you don't get it in your eyes!)

3. Remove Grease Stains from Clothes
I first read about this trick here. I used this on one of my favorite shirts that I had a Taco Bell grease stain on. I dabbed some baby powder, let it absorb, and continued. It completely removed the stain!

4. Sweat Absorption
Okay, let's share something real- I sweat. And it's not always pretty, and sometimes my deodorant doesn't do what it's suppose to be doing. So I put some baby powder under my arms and between my boobs, and it really helps absorb the sweat smell. You can also put some baby powder in your shoes as well to absorb that nasty feet smell.

5. Chaffing
Another real thing- put some baby powder in places that would get chaffy (cleavage if you have really big boobs, or between your thighs), and it helps things slide on easier. It also makes putting tighter pants on easier, too!

6. Untangle those necklace chains
Put some baby powder on a necklace that is tangled up- the powder makes it easier to untangle!

There are so many more great uses for baby powder, but these are my favorites! Hopefully these help you, too!

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