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Geek Chic Witchcraft and Wizardry Collection Unboxing and Swatches

This is the newest Geek Chic collection, based on Harry Potter! When I started seeing the previews of this collection on the Geek Chic Facebook page, I was ridiculously excited, and knew no matter how much it cost, I had to own this! I'm not like the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world (I don't know every single little thing about it), but I do really enjoy both the movies and the books.

This collection includes 6 shades inspired by Harry Potter, and I think they did such a great job putting it together! The quality is amazing, and the colors are so vibrant! I am not at all disappointed with my decision to get this collection!

I was lucky enough to get the limited edition tin case with the collection, which they unfortunately don't sell anymore (but there are rumors it might come back for Black Friday!), but the collection by itself is so worth it, especially if you are a fan! (I feel like I keep repeating myself on their collections, but it's true- if you are a fan, you love everything you can get your hands on related to your fandom!)

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrytin_zps3d13e326.jpg

I love this tin! The label is so colorful and cute, and it's definitely exciting to see in my makeup box!

On the back of the tin, it lists all the shades that are inside.

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrytin2_zpsc074b002.jpg

They even put them in there in the order they show on the back, which is super helpful when you're looking for a specific shade!

Here's a closer look.
 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrydesc_zps33f26149.jpg

When I opened the tin, I squealed. These labels are so stinking cute!

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrytin4_zps9f56e3ae.jpg

Like... I can't. I just can't.

Unfortunately, when removing the shrink wrap from the containers, the labels peeled. Apparently it was a common issue. But Geek Chic was on it and I received replacement labels in about a week!

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrycontainers_zps445c6dbb.jpg

You can see the damage to my labels in this picture, but it's really not even that big of a deal. But for them to send me replacements without my asking? That is excellent customer service! (They received information that there were problems, and immediately e-mailed everyone that purchased this tin and offered to send replacements.)

House Elf

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryHouseElf_zpsae43035c.jpg

Description: A plush satin copper with shimmery red undertones. This shade has such gorgeous red undertones that it really can add some magic to a neutral eye.

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrytinHouseElf2_zps4707bb1c.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryHouseElf3_zps4539e7aa.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryHouseElfSwatch_zpse4677283.jpg
(Left is dry, right is wet. Both without a primer.)

All of these pictures were taken at dusk, and I'm convinced that's why this shade looks more muddy than it actually is. This is a seriously beautiful color that would be a really flattering neutral for a darker skin tone. This is also so easy to blend out. I really love this.


 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryAlways_zps26d295d0.jpg

Description: Shimmering and shifting silver-green with flashes of red and green shimmer. Perfect for a shifty, smoky eye or to add a bit of shimmer to your lower lashline!

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryAlways2_zpsf1c3425f.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryAlways4_zps09840408.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryAlways3_zpse4891cd2.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryAlwaysSwatch_zpsb61d6ca8.jpg
(Left is dry, right is wet, both without a primer.)

This is probably my favorite of the bunch! I took their advice and did a smokey eye with this color (which I'll definitely be showing in a blog post soon!), and I loved the way it looked. The colors shifted and danced so beautifully, and it was super flattering with my skin tone. I also used it wet, and had hardly any fall out. Always a win in my book! Without the shift and shimmer, this reminds me a lot of Gunmetal by Urban Decay.

Mischief Managed

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryMishiefManaged_zps168d6b85.jpg
Description: Parchment tan with shifting hues of reddish purple and golden shimmer. This color is perfect for an all-over lid wash of soft color, or to blend out a neutral look.

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryMischiefManaged3_zps11bc3c1d.jpg
(Look at all the shimmer!!!)

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryMishiefManaged4_zpsea594ddd.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryMischiefManaged2_zps83072208.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryMischiefManagedSwatch_zpsd70729c9.jpg
(Left is dry, right is wet, both without a primer.)

This is probably one of my new favorite neutrals. It does tend to fall out (I really need to get the Too Faced Glitter Insurance to see if it helps!), but I've noticed if I use my finger to press it on, it does stay a little better. For my skin tone, it just adds a little something extra without looking super overdone, but still looking like I put in the effort!

Golden Trio

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryGoldenTrio_zpsc937104d.jpg

Description: Cool toned red with raspberry undertones and a hefty pinch snitch golden shimmer. Perfect for sunrise and Autumn looks. Could even be patted over Health Potion geek gloss for a pout packed with golden shimmer!

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrytinGoldenTrio2_zps60c5f70b.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardrytinGoldenTrio3_zps69822c9f.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryGoldenTrio3_zps7f70f7d5.jpg

(Left is dry, right is wet, both without a primer,)

I'm going to be honest- this shade scares the hell out of me! I haven't used it yet, but I do know it stained my arm a little and took some effort to get off. The description seems to indicate it is lip safe, but I doubt I'd ever wear it that way. I'm considering doing something "devilish" for Halloween, though, and this might be the perfect color for that. I don't think I could see myself using this as an all-over lid color, either, but I could see using as an outer corner color with maybe a burnt orange or something.


 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryHeadmaster_zps63a89e9b.jpg

Description: A gorgeous luminescent purple dripping with aqua and purple sparkle. This color is a true master of all as it shifts when used over a dark base. Looks stunning used with other blues and purples too.

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryHeadmaster2_zpsae9bf403.jpg

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryHeadmasterSwatch_zpsd8c4a7c5.jpg
(Left is dry, right is wet, both without a primer.)

I'm dying to use this over a darker purple or black. The swatches don't do the amount of shimmer in this shade justice. If you're a purple lover, you need this shade.

You Know Who

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryYouKnowWho_zps870379ec.jpg

Description: Deathly blackened emerald with otherworldy green shimmer and sparkle. This shade makes for a killer smoky eye when used with Always, and can make a gorgeous eyeliner when used wet!

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryYouKnowWho2_zps4a1e412b.jpg
(I think I'm in love with You Know Who. Uh oh!)

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryYouKnowWho3_zps98108756.jpg
(I mean... I can't...)

 photo geekchicwitchcraftandwizardryYouKnowWhoSwatch_zpsec8e7d7e.jpg
(Left is dry, right is wet, both without a primer.)

I'm not sure why the wet swatch turned out that way, but I can assure you used wet, this is one of the most gorgeous dark tone shadows you will ever use. It is just so beautiful. When I saw it, I gasped. (This seems to be common with Geek Chic eyeshadows- I either gasp or squeal!) I really want to use this with Always, as suggested, because I think it would just be so beautiful!

Of all of the shades, if I had to choose, I would say you should get Always and You Know Who, followed closely by every other shade.
I mean, it's less than $30.00. Just get the whole collection, and thank me later.

The full collection is on sale for $28.75, or you can buy each individual shade for $5.99 each.

FTC: I purchased this collection with my own money. I am not affiliated with Geek Chic cosmetics. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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