Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This Month in Nails - July

I love nail polish. Actually, I'm a little obsessed. I can spend hours researching swatches, and going through nail blogs looking at the beautiful colors and designs.  I own over 70 bottles myself now, which isn't much for some, but is a whole bunch for others.

I thought I would do a monthly series on my nails- what I wore, how I liked it, etc.

I apologize in advance for any wonky nails, tip wear, etc in any of the nail pics. I am still learning and trying my best!

Wet n' Wild Shine in Chick Magnet Zack
This is from the Wet n' Wild Saved by the Bell collection that was only available in a handful of places. I got really lucky and scored two sets of all of them, one for me and one for my friend Jeanette.

 photo image_zpse1fca70a.jpg

This is a shimmery neon, but it is slightly thicker than the others in this collection. I don't feel like I need more than two coats with this one. It dries matte, like most neons tend to do, and as you can tell, I've added a top coat. (I'm a fan of a glossy nail!) It is one of the most beautiful blue polishes I won, and probably one of my very favorites of my collection. Plus, it's named after one of my childhood crushes. I couldn't resist!
(My absolute favorite swatches of this polish can be found on the SayAnythingBrooke blog.)

Fingerpaints in Gimme Some Sugar with China Glaze Scattered & Tattered
I picked up Gimme Some Sugar as a gift-with-purchase at Sally Beauty awhile back during one of their sales, and I just recently purchased Scattered and Tattered on clearance as a red-tagged item.

 photo 071013064_zps567cb10e.jpg

 photo 071013066_zpsa31267ab.jpg

Gimme Some Sugar is an absolutely beautiful pink- I actually called it Easter Pink when I first purchased it!
Scattered and Tattered has the redish glitters you see, and some really pretty pink glitter, as well as some bar glitter (which I am not a fan of, but I like the way it looks in this polish).

I really enjoyed this combo together!

And then I broke a nail. And another. So I didn't paint my nails for awhile.

Love and Beauty in Light Blue with an accent nail of Avon Fusion and two nails with Revlon Whimsical

I coveted this Light Blue polish for about a month before going back to get it. Avon Fusion was one of the first nail polishes I ever bought when I started getting into nail polish. Revlon Whimsical to me was just a really fun, multicolored glitter that I needed in my life.

 photo LoveandBeautyForever21LightBlue_zpsc9c2b5e6.jpg
(See that ring finger nail? That's the one I broke. Oh yeah, and then two days after this paint job, I broke it AGAIN. It was super painful.)

 photo AvonFusion_zpsaac2c4df.jpg

 photo RevlonWhimsical_zpsee21960d.jpg

Orly in Mysterious Curse
I just picked this up a couple weekends ago at Sally Beauty- they had a bunch of Orly and China Glaze polishes on sale (which I tweeted about, so if you are interested in these types of things, be sure to follow me on twitter!)

 photo OrlyMysteriousCurse_zps7ec6b0cf.jpg
(see that ring finger nail? That is after three days of growth. Sorry it looks so bad, guys!)

I love this polish so much. You can see the color shimmering through the bottle, and on the nail. It's just gorgeous!

Here's a closer look. Again, obviously I am just a girl that does her nails, and they don't look perfect by any means!

 photo OrlyMysteriousCurse3_zps428ad3c1.jpg

The polish was a tiny bit thick in some places, but it built up to opacity nicely. I might make a ring out of this one when I get some silver bases.

That's it for this month- with the broken nails, I just wasn't motivated to keep up with my nails. But August should be a better month in terms of nails!

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