Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

Today I am going to be reviewing the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. 

 photo OlayFreshEffectsBBCreamFairToLight_zpsfc3dc9d3.jpg

 photo OlayFreshEffectsBBCreamFairToLightSwatch_zps34415bb5.jpg

 photo OlayFreshEffectsBBCreamFairToLightSwatch2_zps21583c6e.jpg

Product Description
Late night? Early morning? Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream has you covered with six skin-perfecting benefits. It refreshes your skin instantly while evening your tone with a splash of sheer color. It hydrates for 24 hours and gives you smoother, softer feeling skin. It also brightens your skin for a radiant glow and helps protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Whether you’re just starting your busy day or leaving for a girl’s night out, we’ve got the all-in-one solution for your Fair-to-Light or Light-to-Medium skin.
Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream blends effortlessly with your natural skin tone, helping hide imperfections and minimizing the need for concealer and foundation. With just one use, your skin will be left glowing and naturally even. Say "bye bye" to blotches and imperfections, and hello to a fresh, flawlessly radiant look with Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream.
My Review
I bought this and was initially very excited about it! I had heard such great things from other Beauty Bloggers, and loved the results I was seeing in pictures. It was completely sold out at my local Ultas, so I figured that probably said something about the product, so I went to Target, and bought their last bottle in Fair to Light.
The first couple of times I used this product, I was okay with it. I wasn't expecting amazing coverage (it does indicate it has light coverage), and I truthfully wasn't expecting a miracle product. I just wanted a good BB cream with a good amount of SPF. And I guess maybe I covered it up with my powder foundation really well with the first couple of uses, because I was happy with the results.
However, I was driving to work one day, and noticed spottiness. I could literally see the product IN my pores. Which is not a cute look for anyone. You can actually see how it settles in the swatch picture above. And I actually blended that pretty well.

I really, really wanted to love this product. I gave it several days and multiple uses, trying it with different primers, moisturizers, or by itself, and it continued to perform this way- not blending well, and pooling in my pores. I even tried moistening my hands with water, and trying to blend it that way (this was recommended to me), and dampening a sponge. Same results.

This product would probably be great for someone with teensy tiny pores. But that is not my skin, at all, so this product really isn't for me. This is going in the garbage.

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