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QVC New Beauty Test Tube Summer-Fall 2013

Another week, another unboxing!
This week, I bring you the QVC New Beauty Summer - Fall 2013 Test Tube. I previously received the Summer 2013 box, and loved it, so I signed up for auto delivery. I saw the spoilers for this box initially on the My Subscription Addiction blog (which, if you love subscription boxes or seeing what is in them, I highly recommend you follow her because she gets almost all of them!) and was instantly excited! 

And I was not let down. There is only one product for sure in this box I'm not going to use.

On to the unboxing! 

The box itself is so cute! It's bright pink and makes me so happy to see!

 photo QVCNewBeautyTestTube_zpsf8993e94.jpg

And here are all of the products that came in my box!

 photo QVCNewBeautyTestTube2_zps3a296052.jpg

The box contains a copy of the Summer/Fall 2013 New Beauty Magazine, 8 products, and a catalogue showcasing all of the products and providing information about the products.

 photo QVCNewBeautyTestTube5_zpsd296101b.jpg

The magazine has Stacy Kiebler on the cover. I have not been able to read this yet, but I really enjoyed the magazine in the Summer box, minus all of the plastic surgery stuff.

 photo QVCNewBeautyTestTube4_zps3825e35a.jpg

And this is the catalogue that comes with it. It is probably the most detailed of all of the subscription services.. Usually it gives a little tidbit about the product, key ingredients, how to use, and more information about the company itself.

Now, the real reason you came to this blog - to see the products!
Also, I tried a little something different with these photos, but I'm not sure if I like it. Let me know what you all think!

All descriptions are directly from the catalogue. Included also is the size of sample I received.

 photo OleHenriksenUltimateLiftEyeGel_zpsb94dd6f3.jpg

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel (.25 fl oz)
Hectic schedules and busy day-to-day routines may leave you feeling exhausted, but that doesn't mean you have to look that way. Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area with this eye gel for a completely refreshed look.
How to use: Apply gently under the eyes, extending toward the temples.
Benefits Include: Night Shift - This dual-action cooling gel works hard while you sleep so you can wake up looking younger and more refreshed than ever before; Youth Refreshment - Wrapping the eye area in calendula and cucumber while a complex of peptides infused with arginine helps to keep you looking revitalized; and Hydrating Humectants - Enriched with the moisturizing power of humectants, the lightweight gel provides optimal hydration to smooth the skin around the eyes.
Will I use it?: I have actually used it, and I like the sensation it gives me. It is very cooling (I bet it would be even better if I stuck it in the fridge), and I have noticed the area under my eyes looks more moisturized in the morning. I've read online that some women use this during the day, but I would only ever use it at night. I haven't had time to notice any real difference, but like I said, I have noticed my under eyes look more moisturized.

 photo PhilosophyHopeinaJarAdvancedSmoothingBodyLotion_zpsc80a96b8.jpg

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Skin Advanced Smoothing Body Lotion (4 fl oz)
This lightweight, antioxidant-rich body lotion features an advanced skincare formula that helps smooth and hydrate for healthier-looking skin.
How to use: Apply a generous amount onto skin with fingertips and massage in gently with a circular motion.
Benefits Include: Moisture Maintenance - The advanced, fast-absorbing formula helps maintain skin's natural moisture barrier for maximum hydration that lasts; Radiance - Harnessing the exfoliating benefits of ester of lactic acid, the lightweight lotion works to gently exfoliate for more radiant-looking skin; Nurturing - Antioxidant-rich body lotion nurtures and helps maintain skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving skin feeling noticeably softer, smoother, and more supple.
Will I use it?: I have used this as well, but don't have any real opinions formed yet. It smells okay, and the scent doesn't seem to linger too long after application. My skin definitely did feel moisturized, but no more than it usually does with a standard lotion. I will continue using it to form a definite opinion.

 photo OjonRareBlendProtectingTreatment_zps5bf20ac9.jpg

Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment (.85 fl oz)
Give your locks a little love before busting out the flat iron or any other heat-styling tool. This unique dual-phase spray helps protect strands against heat-styling damage.
How to use: Mist onto damp hair before brushing and heat styling.
Benefits Include: Dynamic Duo - The dual-phase formula includes a top phase comprised of seven nourishing oils that help protect and condition hair; Namesake Ingredient - Used as a restorative hair treatment for more than 500 years in Central America, Ojon oil goes deep within each strand for optimal protection; Strand Protector - While nourishing oils provide hair with hydration, this protector helps strands maintain a healthier look.
Will I use it?: Yes, I am looking forward to using this! I always try to use a heat protectant before doing any sort of heat styling on my hair (it's damaged enough from coloring), and I like the "dual" aspect of this product.

 photo LauraGellerWaterproofEyeSpackleHuesAdvancedPrimerandEyeshadow_zps1e0c4b98.jpg

Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle Hues Advanced Primer and Eyeshadow (.074 fl oz)
Simplify your makeup routine with Waterproof Eye Spackle Hues Advanced Primer and Eyeshadow. This double duty primer/eyeshadow-in-one is waterproof while imparting a sheer wash of color. Wear it alone or under makeup - priming and perfecting eyelids is now easier than ever.
How to use: Dot a thin layer over clean eyelids and blend with your fingertips or the applicator.
Benefits Include: Multitasking Color - This unique, multitasking eye spackle offers versatility as both a primer and an eye shadow that can be worn alone or layered under shadow for added dimension; Locked In and Lasting - The creamy, waterproof formula dries to a matte finish, with color that locks in, so it won't budge, melt or move no matter what the day entails; Foolproof Application - The easy-to-use pen brush applicator makes for foolproof application that is perfect for the girl on the go.
Will I use it?: 
Here is the swatch, I think it's a really pretty color, I'm just going to have to mess with it to see how I feel.
 photo LauraGellerWaterproofEyeSpackleHuesAdvancedPrimerandEyeshadowSwatch_zps5b824715.jpg
I wore it once, however, I guess I didn't read the whole thing and used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance prior to using this product, so although it didn't crease, it may not be strictly because of this product. I am also going to use it for layering - the color itself I felt wasn't the most flattering alone on my lids, but maybe on the outer corners would be okay.

 photo AlternaBambooVolume48-HourSustainableVolumeSpray_zps6ff8c9da.jpg

Alterna Bamboo Volume 48-Hour Sustainable Volume Spray (.85 fl oz)
Put an end to dull, flat, lifeless hair with this lightweight spray that nourishes strands while creating long-lasting volume. Made with bamboo extract, this spray is sure to provide you with sustainable style.
How to use: Spray throughout clean, towel-dried hair before blow-drying.
Benefits Include: Long-Lasting Effects - This spray helps to increase volume for up to 48 hours in-between washings and it works on even the finest hair; Boosters - The formula is comprised of ingredients to give you a boost in volume without parabens, phthalates, synthetic color, mineral oil and petrolatum; Lightweight Finish - The ultralightweight texture won't weigh hair down or leave it feeling sticky or dry and crunchy. An added bonus: it smells amazing!
Will I use it?:  I did use this one day, but didn't notice a huge volume difference- but I was running late so I didn't fully dry my hair. This stuff really does smell amazing. I will definitely try it again when I'm not running so late so I can really test it out.

 photo AlgenistGentleRejuvenatingCleanser_zpse5a8ceba.jpg

Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser (1.5 fl oz)
Infused with anti-aging and deep-cleansing ingredients, this facial cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh and younger-looking, sans any harsh ingredients.
How to use: Apply to moist skin, lather for one to two minutes and rinse with warm water.
Benefits Include: Anti-Aging Powerhouse - Alguronic Acid and the fruit complex work together for the appearance of more radiant, youthful-looking skin; Complexion Smoother - Thanks to the dynamic cleansing duo of witch hazel and oat amino acids, skin feels softer and appears smoother; Gentle Formula - The gentle cleanser is a non-irritating unique formula that is free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan, nitrosamines, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes.
Will I use it?: I have used this a couple of times, and I'm not sure if it is it or something else, but something is making my skin super red. It's not itchy or anything, so I'm pretty sure it is this- because I get reactions to witch hazel. I always forget until I use something with witch hazel in it, and then bam, red skin. Luckily I've only used this at night, and by the morning it has gone away. I may use it a couple more times just to be sure that is what is actually causing a reaction, otherwise, I'll have to pass this on to someone else.
It does feel and smell great, though.

 photo MallyBeautyLipMagnifier_zps3b7953d0.jpg

Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier (.10 fl oz)
This is not your grandmother's lipstick. It's called magnifier for a reason- this unique formula is designed to amplify your pout with fierce, long-lasting color for soft, luscious lips that stand up to whatever the day might bring.
How to use: Apply all over lips.
Benefits Include: Multitasking Magnifier - While adding the perfect amount of shine and long-lasting color, this creamy formula also works to nourish and condition lips; Just Right Texture - Glossy, but firmer than gloss. Rich color but softer than lipstick. Unique texture clings to lips to last and last; Confidence Booster - This lip-perfecting formula might leave every woman feeling like she can conquer the world.
Will I use it?: No. I'm actually really disappointed with this product. I used it one to test it out, and there are a couple things that really disappointed me- the color (punch) is not at all flattering on me, the texture doesn't do much for me, and the fact that it doesn't twist up the product, you have to sharpen it?! Total deal breaker. There is no reason why this shouldn't be a twist up, and since this product is pretty soft, it would waste a lot to sharpen. I definitely will not be using this, but I'll try to gift it to someone instead of just throwing it away or hording it for no reason.

 photo BlissBloodOrangeandWhitePepperSoapySuds_zps4a9141b6.jpg

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Soapy Suds (1.5 fl oz)
Take your bubble bath to the next level with this unique sudsy formula that works to hydrate and soften skin for a bath time routine that is both relaxing and refreshing.
How to use: Use as a body wash to shake up your shower, or pour a bit into the bath for bubbling bliss.
Benefits Include: Skin-Softening Trifecta - Enriched with the moisturizing trio of aloe, glycerin and vitamin E, this formula delivers powerful hydration for noticeably softer, suppler skin; Versatile Formula - A relaxing soak in the tub doesn't exactly fit in your schedule? No worries - you can rev up your shower when you opt to use this as a body wash instead; Luxurious Lather - This unique-scented soap works into a rich lather that feels as luxurious as it looks.
Will I use it?: I have used it a couple of times, but haven't formed any real impressions yet. I do enjoy the smell!

I am so happy with this box, and can't wait to continue to use the products, get to know them, and review them for you all. Currently I have a review planned next month, once I have had a chance to really use and get to know these products, so be on the lookout for that if these kinds of posts interest you!

You can buy your own QVC New Beauty Test Tube from QVC here on a one time basis, or you can sign up here for auto-delivery.

FTC: This box was purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own. This post does not contain any affiliate links, any links are for your reference only. I am not in any way affiliated with QVC, New Beauty, or any of the brands mentioned.

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