Monday, February 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21 - 24

This is going to be kind of short and sweet, as nothing much as been happening the last four weeks. Other that increasing movement from Michael, and increasing growing from me. To the tune of 10 extra pounds, for a total of 18. I'm still on track, and the doctor was concerned for me because of the extra weight, but he said if I hadn't gained it all at once he would not be concerned at all. But since I gained it all so quickly... I just don't know. I hadn't really been eating a lot differently, though it was my 30th birthday the week before my appointment and I did overindulge just a bit. But hopefully it was a fluke and doesn't happen again.
My blood pressure is still great (122/64), and my fundal height is 23, which is still right on track!

During my next update, I should be able to tell you guys all about the lovely Gestational Diabetes test. I've heard mixed reviews, so we'll see!

 photo D414C87B-210D-4823-BDE4-8E9447FC5D88_zpsx2robiza.jpg

 photo B14BA4E2-22CF-449D-8DEE-08C86FB82516_zpsd2kytzul.jpg

 photo B8C79718-D578-4767-A8B3-4719CD17D3D5_zpsgsh2ponz.jpg
(I took this on my 30th birthday!)

 photo 19C33328-A0FB-4545-9847-5B3FEDCDEE00_zps7yvgwuim.jpg

Seeing all these pictures at the same time really does show how much bigger I've gotten. Wow!

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