Sunday, February 22, 2015

Academy Awards Red Carpet 2015

So excited about the awards! And, as always, The Red Carpet!!! This year I'm laying in my bed with my Boppy 3-piece pillow, head piece behind my back and leg piece on my lap with my laptop on top, just resting and enjoying seeing everyone in pretty dresses!

Here are some of my favorites!

 photo C_Oscars2015_zpsvquecget.png
Love the white bow tie- I love unexpected details like this. Plus, this man looks great in a tux. 
 photo AK_Oscars2015_zpsnlmvdf2t.jpg
One of my favorites of the night and one of the first ones on the Red Carpet. I just love her in these peachy tones, and this dress is just beautiful!

 photo ER_Oscars2015_zpswy7u35yx.jpg
He's one of the few guys in a different colored tux tonight, and I just love it.

 photo LD_Oscars2015_zpsly2eucsa.png
I just love this! So gorgeous!

 photo NaSC_Oscars2015_zps7yjn5eji.png
I love the coordination here. I'm not a huge fan of her dress, but I love the way they look together. I'm so happy Steve was nominated!

 photo ZS_Oscars2015_zpsoikdpq6x.jpg
I really like this color on her.

 photo RP_Oscars2015_zpsol0po0qw.jpg
Red shoes and Red heels? Usually a bad combo but HOLY WOW does it look good here. She looks incredible and that dress is just beautiful.

 photo JKS_Oscars2015_zpsprrdngei.jpg
I wish more men wore hats on the Red Carpet.

 photo JM_Oscars2015_zpsdncuswgj.jpg
I wasn't sure about this at first, but in picking out my pics I came back to liking it more and more. This is definitely a "winners" dress.

 photo SPandAF_Oscars2015_zps4ikij6iv.jpg
I love this so much. And they're one of my favorite Hollywood couples.

 photo LG_Oscars2015_zpsweq4hjcb.png
Gotta love a lady that can rock Rubber Gloves on the Red Carpet! I admit, I probably love this because I just love seeing her on the Red Carpet- she's always a favorite of mine.

 photo RW_Oscars2015_zpsqr1kjd85.jpg
Simple and classic.

 photo JC_Oscars2015_zpszca3yk8g.jpg
Put this girl in this color more often. She looks insanely gorgeous!

 photo MS_Oscars2015_zps0stmdb6k.jpg
Love a woman that can rock a power suit!

 photo JA_Oscars2015_zpsrirps54e.jpg
So stunning!

 photo BC_Oscars2015_zpskhdk1j1e.jpg
They have that Just Married glow and look amazing. It's so rare to see a guy look so great in a white jacket, but he really, really does!

 photo ES_Oscars2015_zpskiu34bwf.png
The color and the cut. I cannot get over it.

And here are the ones I just didn't get.

 photo LL_Oscars2015_zps4fct1bdi.jpg
There is a whole lot going on here.

 photo SM_Oscars2015_zpsjdvivu8s.jpg
I don't like the structure of this dress at all. And there is way too much going on.

 photo LN_Oscars2015_zpsqgbhhtne.jpg
I'm way in the minority on this one, but I'm not a fashion expert. I just do not like this at all. I think the idea of a pearl dress is awesome, but I really hate the structure that this dress has.

 photo VD_Oscars2015_zpsiet37gnj.jpg
I love the color of this dress on her. But I do not like the cut on her.

 photo S_Oscars2015_zpsomsyobfr.jpg

 photo MC_Oscars2015_zpsnpvn7j03.jpg
I have no clue what they were even trying here. This must be a gown that people that LOVE fashion love, and the rest of us just do not understand.

 photo JL_Oscars2015_zpsko46qww3.jpg
Leto, this is not the kind of Blue Suit I want.

 photo GP_Oscars2015_zpsgfulallw.jpg
This dress would be so beautiful without that damn sleeve. Yuck.

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