Saturday, February 28, 2015

ipsy February 2015

I totally screwed up and took the vertical pictures again! What the heck. Maybe next month I'll remember!
I am also switching up the ipsy reviews just a bit! I am taking the descriptions directly from the ipsy website, and then just saying if I'll use it or not. 

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This bag is cute, but I doubt I'll be hanging on to it after this month. It's a well-constructed bag, don't get me wrong, it's just not really me. 

 photo C0FB3A3B-6D85-4419-85B3-0CBBB605EE46_zpseu9ufckg.jpg

City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lip Stain in Flirtini
A hybrid between a lipstick and gloss, our Creamy Lip Stain is a new kind of lip product that applies smooth and creamy like a gloss and sets with a matte finish. This creamy lip stain gives your lips long lasting color while keeping lips moisturized. Available in 6 fun flirty shades.
Will I Use It? I have tried this, and it's not for me. The color is fine, but this came off streaky on my lips and wore funny, and the night I was wearing it I was just sitting at home organizing my bathroom. So I would hate to see what it might do to my lips if I was actually out and about. I might pass it off to someone else, because a lot of lip products and me don't seem to agree, but I haven't fully decided yet.

 photo 1A4CD6B1-0A67-4E1E-BD79-318E03E3EABC_zps8q95bewr.jpg

Eva NYC Up All Night Volumizing SprayGet the ultimate blowout with this multi-tasking spray! The light-weight formula adds volume and texture to hair, while protecting against heat for healthier styling.How to Use: Apply to damp hair before blow drying for added texture and lift, or use on dry hair as a revitalizing spray.
Will I Use It?: I absolutely will use this at some point, but I'm a little backstocked on hair stuff right now, so it might take some time.
 photo A3A44701-3550-4859-B9C5-2B2D8BB36A96_zps4qpbhfcg.jpg

Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face OilThe Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil is a highly effective face oil packed with powerful natural anti-oxidants and vitamins that are instantly absorbed to leave skin feeling plumper, firmer and glowing with radiance.Allergen Warning: May contain nut traces
Will I Use It?: I'm not really into face oils, but I'll try it out eventually. I'm trying not to use non-natural or basic products on my skin during my pregnancy, so this will be used afterward.

 photo 2F61EAB1-3AED-48C5-A5EE-3F332D8A707F_zps0ajy8ut9.jpg

ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder in Cosmopolitan
ModelCo’s BLUSH Cheek Powder creates a beaming, rosy glow to brighten every complexion. The micronized color pigments and luxurious, pressed powder delivers a sheer, natural radiance that lasts all day.
BLUSH Cheek Powder's chic compact is easy-to-use and perfect for beauty touch ups on-the-go.
Will I Use It?: I've used this several times since receiving it, and the color is really pretty! It's not shimmery at all, but it definitely does create a bit of a glow. This will definitely be in my regular rotation.

 photo F147F08B-5BA0-4C31-B946-F8C47150D0E9_zpscs4sf0xp.jpg

Emite Make Up Professional Eye Lash Curler
The EMITE MAKE UP Professional Eye Lash curler has a special curved design which angles to suit all eye shapes, without touching your makeup base. Its silicone rubber pad applies the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally. Your eye lashes will remain in perfect shape all day!
Directions: Align rubber pad at base of upper lashes. Press handles together and hold for several seconds. Gently release and remove curler from lashes. Apply mascara. (Warning: Use the eyelash curler before applying mascara to avoid damage to lashes. Use with caution. Keep out of reach of children.)
Will I Use It?: I've used this a couple of times, and it's okay. It's definitely not going to be my go-to curler, but it's nice to have this as a back up!

This is another box that was a little hit and miss for me. I really, really like the blush, but that's pretty much it. To be honest, I'm giving ipsy a couple more months to see if it gets better, than I might have to cancel.

FTC: This box was purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own. All product descriptions were taken directly from ipsy.

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