Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Life, August 2014

I liked separating by week last month, so I'm going to keep it that way!

August 1st - 3rd
We saw Guardians of the Galaxy! And I loved it, so much. It was action-packed, and funny. And the soundtrack is awesome. After the movie, Joe and I drove down to San Diego to visit my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew. It was a long drive- usually we get there in around 5 hours, and this trip took us like 7 and a half. Mainly due to traffic in Valencia and Los Angeles, and we also stopped and ate because it got close to dinner time, when we had planned on eating dinner in San Diego.
The trip itself was a lot of fun. Saturday we went sailing- it was Joe's and my first time, but the in-laws are pros! Jenna's brother was our captain. It actually rained on us! But I think that made it fun, and I didn't get sunburned so that was nice.

(Me, taking a selfie after sailing.)

The next day, we got donuts at The Donut Bar (I got Homer's Donut and a Cronut), and then we went to Balboa Park to eat the donuts and walk around.

(My donuts- for reference, the Cronut is the size of your average donut. And Homer's Donut tastes like birthday cake and was fluffy and delicious.)

(Me and Joe at Balboa Park)

We walked around in the Botanical Building, and then went over to the Air & Space Museum where they had a Ripley's Believe It Or Not! thing. I really enjoyed going through that- I used to read Ripley's in the newspaper (I would read it second after Calvin and Hobbes, and after that ended, I would usually go to it first), so it was fun going through and seeing all the different displays.
I had a lot of fun at Balboa Park and there are so many things to do there! It's definitely a place I can see going back to when we visit again.

August 4th - August 10th
The 4th was spent driving home- and it took us a long time again. We hit some traffic through Los Angeles (which we kind of expected), and then we stopped to eat at Denny's and discovered that one of my favorite things ever, The Hobbit Hole Breakfast, is now a regular item! It's just 'egg in a basket', but it's in a cheddar biscuit and it seriously amazing. When we got home, we pretty much just did laundry and I worked on the blog.
The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, I basically just worked, came home, and vegged out.
On the 8th, Joe and I went to Lush, and then went to a local used movie store that we frequent. (You can see my purchases on my 2nd Lush Haul.) Then we hung out with my brother and our roommate and watched a movie.
On the 9th, I had to take my car in to get serviced- the tube to my evaporator was clogged up, so they had to clear that out for me, and there was over a gallon of water in there! I also apparently didn't have a cabin air filter, so they gave me one of those. I went to Target and got a little handheld mirror for my bathroom (I never had one because someone else always did or I lived in a house where there were mirrors you could arrange to see the back of your hair). Then Joe, our roommate, and myself went to dinner with a friend of ours that is moving to Oklahoma, and it might be the last time we see him for a very, very long time. Then my brother came over and we watched a movie and hung out again.
This is also the day I got my LE TOTE, so in between doing all of those other things, I tried everything on, rated everything, and got my blog post for that started (which you'll see next week).
Sunday's are always low-key for us- mainly we do grocery shopping and laundry, and prepare for the next day for work.

August 11th - August 17th
More work. The maintenance guy had to come out to our house to fix a couple of things, and we had a guy also come out this week to spray for spiders, again. I'm really arachnophobic so everytime I see a spider in our house, I get really freaked out and anxious, and there have been a lot since we moved in. Not like, one a week. More like one or more in a day. Hopefully this time they stay away.
Franklin and Bash came back this week. I didn't think the first episode was as funny as the last seasons, but I still like the show.
Friday night I did some shopping with my husband and spent way too much money at Target, and then bought a range extender for my wireless internet at Best Buy. And now I have internet in my bedroom upstairs and I can watch Netflix on my TV, FINALLY.
Saturday I pretty much worked on my blog and hung out with my brother and husband, and Sunday was the usual low-key day, only my brother's birthday was Friday, so we celebrated Sunday with dinner and swimming at our aunts house. My brother is 24... super crazy to think about!

August 18th - August 24th
I went to Hanford, CA on Tuesday, the 19th, to have an adventure with my grandparents for my grandma's birthday. We went on the train, had lunch at the retirement home my cousin works at, and then had ice cream at Superior Dairy, which is a local favorite.
 photo F224932A-5B26-4775-A64A-DC0A4F8DC987_zpswt6597us.jpg
My grandparents. They've been married 57 years.

 photo B18C7777-73A7-4414-8BB6-FDF7A2BE3261_zps3my9wjhu.jpg
Me, my cousin, and her daughter.

 photo 9C260DB0-4C1D-46EA-89E1-A3010AD918A6_zpseobtpvya.jpg
This is one scoop of Rocky Road at Superior Dairy.

 photo A1A6341A-11E9-4614-8AB4-B9535A183814_zpsmcy6lxwy.jpg
My cousin's daughter smiling and posing in her conductor hat.

 photo 415654FD-7622-4597-884C-BDF9E468AE2B_zpssl8oiiqv.jpg
The happiest baby in the world.

I pretty much worked the rest of the week. Friday night, my friend Jeanette, my roommate Kyle, Joe and I went back to Superior Dairy after a delicious dinner at Habit Burger. My friend Jeanette and I shared a two scoop sundae, with Cookies & Vanilla ice cream. It was delicious.

This is what two scoops looks like.

I spent the rest of the weekend bumming around, watching #EverySimpsonsEver on FXX with my husband and roommate. Well, we didn't watch it the whole weekend, but pretty much.

August 25th - August 31st
I didn't do a whole lot the last week of August, except work, and come home. Though, I did get my hair cut and colored at Ulta. Well, trimmed. I got the front trimmed up and the rest textured and trimmed.

Friday night I met my friends Jeanette and Amanda, and Amanda's boyfriend Russ, at Starbucks, and we caught up and talked about stuff.
Saturday my husband put together my new bookshelves and I organized my Nora Robert's books and put them all away.
Saturday night I watched Fresno State get slaughtered by USC (it was pretty bad).
Sunday, since regular season football hasn't started yet, we just all hung out and did nothing, pretty much, though I did work on my blog a bit.


  1. Great pics! And now...I want some ice cream. :)

    1. Thanks, Allie!
      I want some again, too! But I think my waistline would like me to take a break lol.