Sunday, March 2, 2014

Academy Awards Red Carpet 2014

OMG, it's finally here! The ACADEMY AWARDS! I love the awards show (it's my absolute favorite of all of them), and I love seeing what everyone is wearing. I watch as much of the Red Carpet stuff as I can (usually on E!, but I switch around to ABC every now and then). 

Here are my favorites

 photo AmyAdams_AcademyAwards2014_zps61fa24b8.jpg

Love the dress. Not so much the hair.

 photo PortiaDeRossi_2014AcademyAwards_zps01bf92b3.jpg
Actually I am surprised by how much I like this.

 photo OliviaWildeJasonSudeikis_AcademyAwards2014_zps670da558.png
LOVE! The blue suit, that gorgeous dress... they are my current fave Hollywood couple to see on the Red Carpet,

 photo IdinaMenzelAndKristinBell_AcademyAwards2014_zpsba39998b.png
Another two favorites. Especially that green dress!

 photo AnnaKendrickMakeup_AcademyAwards2014_zps15305e33.png
Wasn't a huge fan of this dress (didn't love or hate it), but THIS MAKEUP. Gorgeous!

 photo LupitaNyongo_AcademyAwards2014_zpsebdb4638.jpg
I hate when nominees show up in dresses that aren't "winners" *cough* Anne Hathaway *cough*
But this... THIS is a winners dress. (Please keep in mind I post this prior to the awards being given out. But I don't take back that this is a dress you can win in.)

 photo BradPittAndAngelinaJolie_AcademyAwards2014_zps429fbc1f.jpg
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are another one of my favorites to see on the Red Carpet. I just love this dress. 

 photo SandraBullock_AcademyAwards2014_zpsfb8234d9.png
Yes. Just... yes.

And here are my least favorites

 photo PharrellWilliams_AcademyAwards2014_zps42150f15.jpg
SHORTS. Just... no. You're a talented man, but no.

 photo JuliaRoberts_AcademyAwards2014_zps471bcf68.jpg
I'm very much in the minority about this, but I am not a fan of this dress.Something about it looks like it doesn't fit properly, it makes things look saggy that shouldn't... 
I really love Julia Roberts. Just not so much in this.

 photo KerryWashington_AcademyAwards2014_zps4ccd55e4.jpg
It looks like a piece of fabric held together with a pretty bobbypin on the top.

Now it's time for me to go watch Ellen work her magic!

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