Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Life - September 2014

September 1st - September 7thOn the 1st, I went to a local arcade with my husband and some friends. It's a nickel arcade, so all of the games are either two nickels, one nickel, or in some cases, free. You also have to pay a fee to get in, but it's less than 2 dollars. It was a fun way to kill a few hours in the afternoon, and I completely beat the old Simpsons arcade game, so that was kind of cool. When I was younger, I played that game every Tuesday night when my parents were bowling. It definitely brought back memories!
The rest of the week, I basically worked, did some cleaning around my house (which ever ends, but I think I have gotten into a good rhythm with it), and worked on blog posts. I keep trying to get a good jump on them and keep up with products as I'm using/finishing them. Some of those samples get used quick!
The 4th was the first Seahawk game of the year against the Packers, and they won! Woohoo!
On the 5th, it was my roommates birthday, so my husband and I went to dinner with his parents and my friend Jeanette.
Over the weekend, we went to see Coheed and Cambria in Oakland. I wasn't a huge fan of their music initially, but over the past few years, I've gotten pretty into them.

 photo 689055A1-1F32-40A8-9EB3-5D42B0190833_zpsohtwngag.jpg

 photo 59EAC7AA-98D5-4CF7-A8C9-41C8A787E157_zpsmlokpwi7.jpg
This was the last song of the night. They did Welcome Home, and he broke out the DoubleNeck, which is so freaking sweet. It was a great show, and if you're a fan and have never seen them live, I highly recommend it.

September 8th - September 14th
Both my husband and I had the 8th off to recover from the concert, but we still had to get up early to return our rental car, so we had breakfast burritos at this Greek place by his work. They were definitely worth staying up for! But when I got home, I took an almost 2 hour nap. (We got home from the concert at around 2am.)
Again, it was a week full of mostly work, housework, and working on the blog, but my husband, my roommate, and I did start rewatching Arrow to get ready for the new season.
My little brother also moved in with us this weekend, and will probably stay through the beginning of the year.
A show I forgot to mention my husband and I have started watching is Wizard Wars. Does anyone else watch? I find magic fascinating!
Sunday was Seahawks at the Charges, and they lost. And I made brownies. It was my first time using our Kitchen Aid mixer. I just made from-a-box, but they were still delicious!

September 15th - September 21st
This week was employee appreciation week at my job, and it made it really fun. My boss had a ton of fun activities for us, and a ton of treats- it was a fatty work week!
I had dinner with my friend Jeanette at this local pub called Mad Duck on Friday night. Also, Friday was my grandma's birthday (the one that recently passed away), and I had not been out to see her headstone yet so after some things I had to take care of, I went out there and saw her headstone and talked to her for awhile. I didn't think I'd want to do that, but I really needed it.
On Saturday my husband and I had his dad and stepmom over for a BBQ, and his dad made Fried Okra, which is one of my favorite foods in the whole world. Actually, just Okra in general is one of my favorite foods, I even eat it raw.  This is also when I made the banana pudding that I blogged about.
Sunday night I made a breakfast casserole from a recipe I found on pinterest that I really, really like. I'm not linking it now because I intend on one day doing an Adventures in Cooking post about it, but if you want it feel free to go to my Pinterest board under recipes I've tried.

September 22nd - September 28th 

This felt like such a short week, and work just flew by.
Nashville started again this week, which was exciting for me because I love that show! I love all the drama- my brother was home when I was talking about it (he moved in with us for a couple of months), and I was explaining who everyone was and what their relationships were to each other and just said "wow, this show is nuts."
I went to my Great Aunt's on Friday night to watch Fresno State football and eat pizza, and then was supposed to meet up with friends after but I was feeling absolutely awful so I went home.
Saturday I was feeling a little better and haven't seen my cousin Michelle (who is one of my best friends, also) since we went on our train adventure last month, so she picked me up and we went to a park and then McDonald's with her little ones.
On Sunday, my husband, my roommate Kyle, and I went to our friend's son's first birthday party. We hadn't met him yet (they have an extremely busy life), but he's adorable and it was fun. We didn't stay for a long time, but it was still nice. First birthday's are such a weird concept to me- you want to celebrate it, obviously, but at the same time, kids are not going to remember it. I think when the time comes, Joe and I will just have a small party with cake and ice cream.

September 29th - September 30th

This was a pretty boring couple of days, to be honest. I pretty much just went to work and came home. Though, on Tuesday, I went with my husband and my roommate to Habit Burger and Target. But other than that, same old same old!

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