Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's in my makeup bag? (As of November 13th, 2013)

As much as I was loving everything I was using the last time I updated my makeup bag, I figured it was time to switch it up again.

 photo toofacedshadowbonbons_zpsd35be39e.jpg

My sister-in-law got this for me last christmas, and I really don't use it enough! It's time to commit!

 photo toofacedshadowbonbons2_zps1202b3b8.jpg

I love most of the shades, however, see that shade Nude Beach? It is probably my very favorite, but it also has a shit ton of fall out. NOT CUTE. Have I mentioned I really need to get a good glitter base? I'm hoping Santa decides to put some in my stocking.

 photo 111313eyestuff_zps1ef3a663.jpg

I'm pretty much using all the same eye primers and liners as before- they work!

 photo 111313mascara_zps5d50c134.jpg

For mascara I am completely switching it up! The Lash Blast Length is in Brown Black, but everything else is black.
I may be doing a comparison of some of these mascaras soon.

 photo 111313face_zpse257d717.jpg

For face, I decided to try back out the Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream. It's super creamy and I have to be really careful not to use too much, but I do really like it.

 photo 111313blushes_zps2f61c850.jpg

For blush, I am using the ELF blush and bronzer combo, a discontinued Physician's formula blush, and the Too Faced Glamour to Go palette. This also has eye shadows in it, but I mainly chose it for the blush options.

 photo 111313eyes_zps2454c1c7.jpg

For eyes, I also decided to pull out a couple of my Bare Minerals eye shadows (see swatches here- I picked the shades Pearl Sateen and Smoky Sage), as well as two colors from the Superneutrals collection by Geek Chic Cosmetics (The Trickster and Angel of Thursday, see swatches here), as well as a shade from the Dangerous to Go Alone Collection by Geek Chic Cosmetics (Chosen One- see swatches here).

 photo herekitty_zpsc0ce50f5.jpg

I also took advantage of the Bare Minerals FAB gift (I'm a member of their FAB club, and received an e-mail for a free eyeshadow!), and got Here Kitty. It is a gorgeous deep wine bronzy color. I don't have anything quite like it, and I'm happy to add it to my collection! Especially since it cost me nothing!

 photo 111313bag_zps94dd5d63.jpg

And here is a glimpse at my bag! I'm hoping to start doing look photos soon to do a collection of looks for blogs as well!


  1. I regret not buying those Shadow Bon Bons last year-- I think Framboise looks absolutely gorgeous.

    I really like your makeup bag posts!! :)

    1. Thank you! And Framboise is really a color I don't use often enough, but I need to because I do love it!